“No one can see in the work of the artist how it has become.” – Nietzsche


Effort counts as a double multiplier in one formula for success. One’s effort over time is shown by determination and persistence. Everyone has gifts, some more obvious than others. The factor that lies within your control – tenacity – is a double multiplier that moves you from vision to achievement.

But what truly sets apart those who stand at the pinnacle of accomplishment? Is it their innate intelligence, or is there something more profound at play? A study from 1926 conducted by Catharine Cox provides a fascinating insight into the relationship between eminence, intelligence, and the power of grit.

Cox’s study examined 300 geniuses spanning four centuries and measured their eminence based on accomplishments and societal impact. Surprisingly, the average IQ of the top 10 geniuses was only slightly higher (146) than that of the bottom 10 (143). The revelation here lies not in the IQ disparity but in the distinction in their perseverance levels toward a common goal – grit, tenacity, resilience.

Enter tenacity – persistent effort through time, where the equation for achievement gains depth and nuance. Often defined as the determination to overcome challenges and pursue goals, tenacity becomes the linchpin of success. In our equation, tenacity shares the stage with one other variable: natural talent. While natural talent is inherent, it’s not something we control. Skill mastery, conversely, is the result of dedicating ourselves to sharpening our abilities.

Consider these equations producing Achievement: 

* Tenacity = Effort through Time

* Skill Mastery = Natural Talent x Tenacity

* Skill Mastery x Tenacity = Achievement

Here’s the remarkable truth: Tenacity is not just a single multiplier; it’s a double multiplier. The variable in the equation you control is a double multiplier! Let’s explore how.

Casey and Alex both love to golf. They started competing at a young age, where Alex’s height and natural athletic flow gave him an advantage over Casey in head-to-head matches. Casey works twice as hard at perfecting his game. He gets a job at the local golf course and practices putting during each break. His journey might be longer, punctuated by moments of frustration and self-doubt. However, each step forward is propelled by the double multiplier effect of tenacity. His relentless commitment to improvement amplifies his efforts, and increases his skill mastery setting him toward his vision.

Let’s see how the formula works – Assume Alex rates 9 on natural talent and 4 on tenacity and Casey is a 6 for natural ability. Because he strategically immerses himself working at the course and practicing during breaks and before and after work, his tenacity is an 8.

Casey’s achievement formula – 6 x 8 = 48 (skill mastery), 48 x 8 = 384 relative achievement score.

But what about Alex, with their prodigious natural talent? Potential lies dormant unless it’s used.

Alex’s achievement formula – 9 x 4 = 36 (skill mastery), 36 x 4 = 144 relative achievement score.

It is worth noting that individuals who possess both high natural talent and high tenacity are rare – the Michael Jordans and Malalas of the world. Their combination of giftedness and unwavering dedication sets them apart as legends. Yet, even for these exceptional individuals, tenacity is the constant fueling their journey.

As franchise owners, the equation for achievement holds a special significance. Franchising is both challenging and rewarding; tenacity becomes our indispensable tool. The double multiplier effect of your tenacity guides every step forward, every strategic decision, and every challenge overcome.

The beauty of this equation lies in its universality. It transcends industries, backgrounds, and circumstances. It doesn’t matter where you start; the road you choose matters. Remember that the constant, the double multiplier of tenacity, is yours to control.

Embrace the power of tenacity. It’s not just a force of persistence; it’s a double multiplier of potential. With tenacity as our ally, we’re not just striving for success but defining it on our terms.

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