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Closing The Gap: From Fitness and Nutrition To Restore


Since Restore Hyper Wellness started in 2015, we’ve opened over a hundred health centers nationwide and helped thousands of people take meaningful steps to bolster the effectiveness of their self-care routine.

From clients with chronic conditions to elite athletes hoping to speed up recovery and improve performance, Restore offers powerful science-based technologies and programs that help people get greater return on their investment for their health efforts. 


But how are we producing greater returns?


The modern world feels normal, because it’s the world we live in, but from the perspective of a human body, there are a lot of important influences to health that are either missing or inadequate. Simply put, the way that most people live – the normal patterns of living in modern life – is not conducive to optimized human health. This leads to a large variety of undesirable consequences ranging from under performance and reduced personal flourishing, to eventual chronic conditions that impact the quality and duration of life. 


Most people are fully aware that we need to take regular actions to nurture a better health trajectory. What more people are increasingly becoming aware of is that there are diverse ways to nurture health beyond diet and exercise. Many things matter for human health and each of those inputs provides unique value to overall functioning. Not only does this diverse set of inputs contribute to the total health status one has, but they also reinforce one another. For instance, when you do sauna or cryotherapy, it doesn’t replace the need for sleep, but it helps deepen the sleep you get at night. Similarly, when you get good sleep, you’re more likely to have a better diet and have more energy to engage with other health behaviors. It’s all connected.


Take for instance, exercise. It’s broadly recognized as good for health, yet only 22% of the U.S. meets the guidelines for physical activity set by the Department of Health and Human Services. How many people are turned off to exercise because the narrative of extreme athleticism scares them away? It’s as though exercise isn’t valuable unless you get hyper fit and aspire to train like a professional athlete. We know that isn’t true, and while we can certainly maintain high levels of physical activity and see our health benefit, we also see a tremendous impact on health from far more achievable levels. I do a lot of walking, various types of body weight exercises, and I also ‘de-convenience” my life. For instance, I take Zoom meetings while carrying a 30 lb. ruck sack while walking outside. Instead of overfitting my efforts to be healthy into one bucket, I spend my time diversifying into other health buckets. 


Within those buckets, I think the better vision for health, supported by data, is to try to have a very well balanced coaching interaction with how you are monitoring your day.


Are you getting sunshine? Are you getting movement? Are you getting light at the certain times and not at others? And are you having cold and hot stress in your day? 


Soon, Restore will offer solutions to all of these often overlooked questions. And we intend to radically expand access to these valuable services, modalities, and programs.


This holistic broad view of health is a key piece of what we call “Hyper Wellness.” But it’s more than that, it’s also fully grounded in the reality that we have busy lives, important responsibilities, and limited time. This is where technology comes into the hyper wellness mission: how can we harness the power of leading-edge health technologies to help us gain access to important aspects of a healthy lifestyle in an efficient, cost effective, and engaging manner? The human body is exquisitely sensitive to the natural world, but we don’t live there anymore. Telling people to give up their modern lifestyle is not a practical solution. We’re on a mission to help humans regularly get more of what they need and the results have been encouraging. We’re bringing a perspective to the world that has long been needed, but mostly absent.


The solution for health in our times does not lie in any one service, technique, or health domain. We keep seeing disappointing results because we keep trying to solve the problem with incomplete solutions. But at Restore, we have been working hard on a cutting-edge, technology driven coaching program, called the Hyper Wellness Coaching Program, that helps our clients better navigate the complex world of personal health. When you pair services that everyone can benefit from with training that helps an individual embody knowledge everyone should be exposed to, you synergize on the core mission of helping people do more. Once people start to see and feel those synergistic actions in play, our system becomes increasingly reinforcing, and less disappointing. 


Who doesn’t want to feel their best day in and day out? Who doesn’t want to maximize their healthspan, or participate in their own life to their fullest capacity? We are here to help people get results in all these important life goals. We not only plan to scale our health center locations so that most people have easy access to one, but we are also deepening our technology investment so that we can support people in more new and meaningful ways. Not only are we widening our footprint, but we are also deepening our impact on the individuals whose lives we touch. 


It’s an exciting journey! We really are helping people do more of what they love, and we’re only getting started.

BIO: Dr. Dan Pardi is the Chief Health Architect for Restore Hyper Wellness – the fastest growing franchise in the United States. He leads the Product and Health Sciences Department where he oversees product development, clinical trials, labs, and the Restore Hyper Wellness Coaching Program.