Many people decide to pursue franchise ownership before they choose the specific business their franchise will be focused on. They’re attracted to the industry because of the freedom and opportunity the franchise model offers. They want to be their own boss, set their own schedule, and enjoy the rewards of their investment, whether that’s more time with their family, travel, an elevated lifestyle – or all of the above.

Those aren’t the only rewards available in franchising, though. Some franchise opportunities allow owners to transform lives and have a lasting positive impact on their communities.


Help first, business second

Biohazard and crime scene cleanup is a great example. In our industry, we work with people during times of trauma, including crime scene and suicide cleanup, hoarding situations, undiscovered deaths, and other moments of unexpected crisis. Our clients are often experiencing intense emotions, including shock, grief, guilt, or shame.

Our greatest responsibility is to ease their burdens and help them move on to the next stage of the healing process. Cleanup services require technical expertise and training, but the real job is stewarding clients through a difficult process with professionalism, compassion and discretion.

At Bio-One, we believe in the motto, “Help first, business second.” Because of the effort we put into living up to that standard, our professionals are always ready to respond quickly and effectively to emergency situations in their communities. The technical skills and professional care we provide help us earn trust in the community and position us to work closely with first responders to ensure people who need services like ours know where to turn.

It’s satisfying to know that our franchise system has a meaningful impact on the lives of people who are grieving or traumatized. We provide an essential service that many people are unequipped for. By relieving the burden of cleanup, we help free our clients so they can come together, grieve and heal.


Diverse backgrounds, diverse expectations

As the number of people entering the franchise industry continues to grow, bringing ever more diverse experiences and backgrounds, more of them will be looking for long-lasting rewards like these. It’s important for franchisors to remember that some new people in the industry are seeking fulfilling, meaningful work in addition to financial security and freedom. The passion and commitment they display can be valuable for franchise owners, and in turn valuable for franchisors.

Franchisors must build their business to attract and support people most likely to connect with their company’s mission. That takes:

  • Preparation: Emergencies don’t always happen between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Successful biohazard cleanup teams think and act like first responders. Having franchises on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week, means the company is prepared to respond to any situation that arises, regardless of the day or time. Similarly, franchisors must be ready for tough questions from potential franchise owners. Just as biohazard technicians can’t afford to be surprised by a situation they’re not ready for, franchisors should plan for and be receptive to every possible perspective when recruiting new owners.
  • Positive culture: The patience, empathy and compassion required in biohazard cleanup, for example, can’t be counted on to just happen. In order for franchise owners to deliver proper care to clients, those values must be baked into the business model and culture.
  • Professionalism: The respectful and compassionate services Bio-One offers is based on a foundation of expertise and in-depth training. It’s important that a professional approach to every phase of the job is second nature. The crisp professionalism of a well-trained and confident team also serves as a visible sign to potential franchise owners that your business takes pride in what it does and the community it serves. Franchisors should invest in the training and equipment it takes to keep teams working with enthusiasm, efficiency and excellence.

In the biohazard cleanup industry, we see things that most people will never have to encounter firsthand. But the challenges of the job are exactly why it can be such a rewarding career. 

Helping people through difficult times with expertise and skill is something to be proud of. It’s satisfying to know that your job has a meaningful impact on the lives of people who are grieving or traumatized. We provide an essential service that many people are unequipped for and by relieving the burden of cleanup, we help free our clients so they can come together, grieve and heal. 

Remember that some potential franchise owners are searching for rewards like these. More than likely, they want the familiar benefits of franchising. But they’re also looking for that little something extra, that feeling that comes from serving people and making your community a better place. Franchisors who can keep that in their business model – without sacrificing the freedom and prosperity that are key to the industry – can have an edge when it comes to recruiting and retaining them.  



Danessa Itaya is president of Bio-One®, the most trusted crime and trauma scene cleaning franchise in the United States and part of the Five Star Franchising platform of brands. Itaya has more than 30 years of experience in the franchise industry, including 10 years of national and international leadership experience. She serves on the Women in Franchising Committee of the International Franchise Association and was named one of Entrepreneur’s Top Influential Women in Franchising in 2022.