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Feeling Stuck and Getting Free

My Perfect Franchise


What does waking up on a Monday morning feel like for you? (Did the question alone cause a bad feeling?)

Did you feel full of life and excited for the day and week?

No? Why not?

Do you know the fires waiting to be put out at work? Do you dread seeing your boss or going to meetings? Is what you do not what you thought you would be doing at this point in your life?

Working under this stress is unbearable.

Or have you already been laid off and waking up on Monday morning is a reminder that you have no place to go today, no projects to complete?



Finding employment is easy for some, and not for others. The biggest labor need is at the lower pay levels. At higher pay there are factors that seem to keep good workers out of the workforce.

All too often I talk to professionals that feel like they are on a treadmill. When I ask how they got to their current job sometimes I just get a blank stare back because they didn’t really have a plan.

My favorite day of the week is Monday! I always wake up early on Mondays, get to the gym early, stop for coffee and at my desk before 6AM. I don’t ever have a day that feels like work!

Fridays are my hard day because the people I would do business with take the weekend off, but Mondays I get back to growing my empire and doing what I love doing.

The difference between my Monday and your Monday may be having the freedom to use my skills how I want, when I want and grow something that fits my vision.

My Monday may be better than your vacation…

I got there via business ownership and franchising. Once you control your cash flow you can have the freedom to make all the other decisions in your life independent of how you will pay your bills.

Want to spend more time with family? Be at your children’s school and sports events? Go on an actual date with your spouse? Travel more, explore the world? All you have to do is build a cash flow that supports your lifestyle.

Does it sound too simple? Well, in a sense it is. Someone has already done much of the work for you. They built a business, proved that there is demand, documented the systems it used, created a training program and now are set up to teach you how to run the business they started and support you as you grow it.

90% of first-time business buyers are looking to create a better life.

The other 10% are living an awesome life and just trying to make it even better!

Do you identify with one of those categories?

Have you ever wondered why owning a business is more attractive?

Here it is in a nutshell:

Do you own or rent your home?

If you rent, is owning your home a goal you have?

Why? Either way you often pay similar amounts monthly, so it must be the equity you can build as a home owner, that’s what makes owning your home more attractive.

Business is a lot like a home, you buy it or fund its creation, you work on it and own it over time and your goal is the same as your home. You want it to build equity.

Your job is like renting your home. Minimal cost to move in, no real plans to stay, no sense of ownership and when you leave you have built equity for someone else. You traded your time, lifestyle for some money and a false sense of security to build their dreams.

Why do you own your home but rent the income that pays the mortgage?

I know it is because we have all been taught that if you work hard that corporate America will deliver you a good retirement.

The rules changed 20 years ago. You still do the work but they don’t owe you anything.

Franchise companies, on the other hand, have a vested interest in your success as you build your asset. They are paid to support you and as you grow they get a little slice of that success they helped you achieve.

As it turns out, franchises may be exactly the place your parents and grandparents envisioned helping you build a great life and retirement, they just didn’t have a crystal ball to see what today’s business environment looked like.

Want to get unstuck, then take an action that changes how you work, your lifestyle and start building an asset you own! It may be easier than you think. There are professionals like me as well and others that help you figure out the pieces of the puzzle.

What will it cost you not to?

What is your success story? Let’s go find it!

George Knauf is a highly sought after, trusted advisor to many of the top franchise ownership groups in the world. With over 25 years of experience in both start-up and mature business franchise operations he is uniquely qualified to advise individuals that have dreamed of Building their own empires. Whether you have an existing portfolio or searching for your first franchise, he can help you to pursue your dreams.