According to recent data, there are over 140 million homes in the United States. Think of this as your pool of potential customers as a home service business owner. The past decade has given us a steady increase in outsourcing for household projects, tasks, and services. And thanks to things like dual income budgets and busier schedules, there’s ample demand for business owners to hit this service segment and begin earning. 


The term “home service” spans a multitude of business types, lifestyle bends, and investment budgets. Specifically, outdoor home service franchises work great as a first time business. These are scalable and do not need tons of inventory. In the case of some that need specialized licensing or know-how — such as a plumbing business — buying into a franchise sets you apart from the lone contractors of the world and gives people a well-branded company to go with the service. More than ever, people lean on reviews and recommendations, so being a part of a trusted franchise network of owners can make all the difference for business growth. Here are just a few examples of home service franchises that could make great investments for both the first time entrepreneur or the experienced operator.


Proprietary Technology for the Win

Let’s start at the top — the roof. Roofs account for a large chunk of insurance claims for starters and offer a sweet spot for profit margins. Innovative Roof Solutions gives franchisees an industry-disrupting technology that packs a hefty proprietary punch. Rightly named, no other roofing company has Innovative’s nano-ceramic tech that protects a roof against the elements, including an increased resistance to hail. Consumers need to replace their roofs less often, ultimately gaining tens of thousands of savings for the life of their home when they choose Innovative Roofing Solutions. Franchise partners benefit as a first-to-market process with an attractive value and great returns. 


Recurring Revenue

Lawn care and landscaping offer simplified business models with little need for high priced employees or over-the-top marketing schemes. Cut and dry, this service niche offers incredible scalability, fast growth, and recurring revenue streams. Amelia Lawn is one such company. The brand works to connect directly with its franchise partners and offers accessible coaching from its founder. Over 40% of homeowners opt for help with their lawn — it’s an industry that raked in around $129 billion last year, according to the IBIS World Landscaping Services Industry Report. 


Backed with Brand Power

The home services industry is riddled with mom and pop contractors. Junk removal is one such area. I Need Dumpster, a dumpster rental company based out of Texas, levels up the industry thanks to its top ratings, stand out branding, user-friendly website, and great customer service. For franchise partners, this translates into strong brand power and a proven model in an otherwise fragmented sector. Customers rent bins for days, or sometimes weeks, at a time, allowing franchisees to earn daily revenue from just one bin with zero manpower needed on the days between pick up and drop off. This type of franchise, like so many other home service brands, also bridges the gap between commercial and residential clientele, opening up the market even more.


Speak for the Trees

A very necessary part of lawn care that goes above and beyond the normal weekly mow is tree care. Whether trees are in need of their annual pruning or vying for some serious attention due to dangerous branches or suspected disease, consumers seek out a trustworthy company to do work. Sexy Trees, for example, offers its franchisees a fantastic brand to grow their customer from, branching out with customizable marketing collateral, ongoing support, and a proven model. Not just for homes, this business works for any property with trees!


Home service franchises are a low-risk, high-profit path to business ownership. They scale well, they offer great returns, and can grow quickly. Franchise Marketing Systems can help you find the best franchise for you. Check out our website to learn more at and connect with our team to find the right franchise for you! Do you already own a business? Our team is available to guide you through franchising. Email us at or call us at 866.303.5761. 


Chris Conner has worked in the franchise development industry for almost 20 years and helped over 600 brands franchise their brand and develop franchise distribution channels. He founded Franchise Marketing Systems in 2009, which now includes a team of 27 franchise consultants based in and Canada and supports brands around the world to grow and scale through franchise expansion. Visit for more information