In a continuously evolving global economy, the dynamics of job creation and economic growth remain at the forefront of policy discussions and business strategies. Following a substantial spike resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment in America has steadily been declining. According to the July 2023 jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. unemployment sits at 3.5 percent with employers adding 187,000 jobs.

Staffing franchises are vital forces in connecting individuals with employment, making a profound impact by fueling job opportunities and driving economic expansion. Specialized in providing temporary, permanent, and contingent workforce solutions, staffing franchises help to build a better future where more people can find work they enjoy, fortifying the economy with a stronger workforce. Staffing franchises fill in the gaps in the economy, ensuring that businesses find the right talent and job seekers secure rewarding positions that align with their skillsets and preferences. The staffing industry is a force in economic growth, creating opportunities for diverse individuals while fostering business agility, innovation, and community prosperity. Prospective franchisees seeking more than just an impressive ROI, but who are looking to create a meaningful business, may want to consider this in-demand industry. Investing in a staffing franchise provides an opportunity to make a positive difference in both the local community and across the globe.



The Staffing Landscape

Staffing franchises are part of the broader staffing industry, which addresses the unique needs of businesses by supplying them with full-time, part-time, or temporary support. What sets Express Employment Professionals apart from other staffing agencies is their utilization of a tried-and-true business model with more than 40 years of proven success that melds localized expertise with the support of a larger network. As the franchisor, we provide the framework, brand recognition, training, and ongoing support, while franchisees leverage this foundation to establish and operate a local staffing agency.

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, 2022 was a remarkable year for the U.S. staffing industry, hitting a record high of $218 billion and surpassing initial projects by $6 billion. The growth of staffing has been steadily increasing, with more and more businesses recognizing the value of outsourcing their staffing solutions. The dynamic demands of the job market can be challenging for companies to navigate, but the assistance of experts through local firms with a national backing can help navigate these difficulties. From catering to seasonal demands in industries like manufacturing and logistics to providing skilled professionals for specialized projects, staffing franchises have created a niche that plays a critical role in shaping the employment landscape.


Bridging the Employment Gap

More and more job seekers are finding employment through staffing agencies each year, with U.S. staffing companies employing an average of 2.8 million temporary and contract workers per week in 2022. In today’s constantly changing job market, businesses are looking for employees to adapt to various demand levels and project requirements. Staffing agencies play a crucial role in filling the needs of these employers, but also the needs of job seekers as well.

Staffing agencies are typically able to connect with businesses across a variety of industries with needs that cater to a wide spectrum of job seekers. This range of opportunities enhances the inclusivity of the job market, enabling diverse individuals to access employment, build experience, and gain income, all of which contribute to socioeconomic growth. Additionally, staffing franchises serve as a conduit for employment during economic downturns. During times of recession or uncertainty, businesses may be wary to commit to permanent hires. Staffing agencies offer a solution by connecting job seekers with temporary roles, helping them maintain a steady income while businesses navigate economic challenges. This aspect of staffing franchises provides stability to both workers and the broader economy, reducing the negative impact of economic fluctuations.


Making a Change in Your Community

A recent survey from The Harris Poll, commissioned by Express Employment Professionals, found that 40 percent of businesses experience difficulties recruiting and filling open positions. By matching available labor with industries struggling to hire, staffing franchises play a pivotal role in enhancing business efficiency by alleviating the burdensome and intricate process of recruitment, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations. The strategic placement of skilled professionals by staffing franchises can directly influence the competitiveness of various industries and overall contribute to industry growth. With 62 percent of hiring managers stating their company is looking to increase their employee count by the end of the year, there is no better time than the present to invest in the staffing industry.

In addition to being a valuable asset for local businesses looking to strengthen their hiring process, staffing professionals have the power to create a positive impact on the lives of the individuals within their communities. Many staffers play a significant role in enhancing workforce skills, offering job seekers training and learning avenues to enable them to acquire new skills or improve existing ones.

Primarily, the most compelling reason for venturing into a staffing franchise lies in the ability to establish a business that can effect a positive transformation. By helping community members find jobs, you’re making a substantial impact on their lives – helping them to provide for their family, put a down payment on a house, and find greater fulfillment within their daily lives. 

Staffing franchises, like Express, have emerged as instrumental players in company expansion, community development, and economic growth. By offering flexibility to businesses, fostering a diverse and inclusive job market, and contributing to local economies, these franchises demonstrate their capacity to drive positive change. As economies continue to evolve, staffing franchises are poised to play an increasingly crucial role in shaping the workforce landscape and cultivating sustainable growth. In a world where adaptability and efficiency are fundamental, staffing franchises stand as a symbol of innovation, bridging the gap between job seekers and businesses while propelling the economy forward.


Vinny Provenzano serves as the Vice President of Franchising at Express Employment, where he oversees the organization’s global expansion efforts across Express Employment, Express Healthcare, Specialized Recruiting Group and Frontline Recruiting Group. Joining Express in January 2018, he initially served as Senior Director of Franchising and subsequently was promoted to his current role in early 2019.

 Before joining Express, Vinny led global sales and development for a prominent franchise group headquartered in Oklahoma City. In this capacity, he spearheaded the expansion of over 500 units across numerous brands, both domestically in North America and internationally across countries such as Mexico, Australia and the UAE. 

 Vinny holds his dual bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Accounting from the University of Oklahoma. Furthermore, he holds his CFE designation.