The home improvement and services industry was already on the rise before last year and experienced a strong surge as people found it necessary — required — to stay at home and utilize the space in newfound ways.

Things haven’t slowed down. The opportunity here reaches well beyond the 480+ million houses and the over 46 million multi-unit homes in the U.S.— these franchises are also applicable to commercial clients.

For those who grasp the incredible value of the home services industry, you will be glad to know that there are several options when it comes to choosing a niche that makes sense for your skill set and your market. It’s safe to say, in general, that home service franchises offer high profitability and low overhead.

Rediscovering this homestead love has continued to show promise for these concepts. These franchises offer incredible stability, proven in our most recent economic blow that resulted in record franchise sales and consistent revenue flow.