There is no shortage of information written about partnering with a franchise public relations agency to increase your leads and point prospective franchisees toward your sales funnel. But there is one PR strategy that I recommend if your franchise wants to blow away the competition and fill your sales funnel with a lot of eager franchisees.

The PR tactic that works? Positioning a franchise brand as a household name.

As the owner of a public relations agency that specializes in franchise businesses, my team has been very successful at helping our franchise clients obtain great leads through proven PR techniques. The most challenging aspect of franchise PR, however, is creating a franchise brand presence that blows the rest out of the water.
While it takes a lot of work and perseverance, when this type of PR is successful, your franchise brand will reap benefits well beyond your expectations, and for years to come. So, how can your franchise brand become as well-known as McDonald’s? Well, while good PR can increase visibility and create an enviable image, it took a long time for McDonald’s to become iconic. Other franchise brands have followed a similar path to widespread popularity. But it didn’t happen by itself.