There’s something magical about the spirit of a child. Untamed, full of wonder, and eager to explore, children have an innate ability to immerse themselves fully in what they love. Now, imagine harnessing that sheer enthusiasm in managing franchise businesses. Seem far-fetched? It shouldn’t be. The essence of franchising thrives on a shared vision, a sense of ownership, and the excitement to grow—attributes that come naturally to children.


The Authenticity Factor

Children are authentic beings. They don’t play roles; they are simply themselves all the time. Translating this to a business setting means letting go of corporate pretenses and engaging in genuine interactions with your franchisees and customers. Authentic leadership builds trust, and trust is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, including franchiser-franchisee relations.


Infinite Curiosity

Children are natural explorers. They question, prod, and dismantle things only to see how they can be put back together. For franchise businesses, this translates to continually challenging the status quo and innovating. Whether it’s improving customer service or introducing new products, being curious leads to innovation, and innovation leads to growth.


Unfiltered Passion

Kids throw themselves wholeheartedly into their pursuits. The same passionate engagement can do wonders in a franchise setting. If franchise leaders show unabashed passion for what they do, it trickles down the chain. Passionate employees are engaged employees, and engaged employees translate to satisfied customers.


Suggestions for Implementation

So, how can we integrate these childlike virtues into a franchise model?

  • Transparency and Open Communication: The first step is to establish a culture of openness. Encourage dialogue between all levels within the franchise network. Share not just successes but also the failures and lessons learned.
  • Training Programs: Develop training programs that focus not only on the ‘what’ and ‘how’ but also the ‘why’ of business practices. Help your team understand the bigger picture, which naturally encourages a sense of ownership and engagement.
  • Reward Creativity: Establish a rewards system that recognizes innovative ideas and solutions. This will incentivize your franchisees and their employees to think outside the box.
  • Regular Check-ins: Hold regular meetings, not just to discuss the bottom line but to share experiences, challenges, and solutions. These sessions should be interactive, engaging, and allow for honest feedback.
  • Community Engagement: Children love to be part of a community. Building strong relationships with the local community gives everyone a sense of belonging and purpose. Sponsor local events or organize community services where your franchisees and their teams can participate.
  • Celebration of Milestones: Children love to celebrate; it’s their way of acknowledging effort and passion. Regularly celebrate both small and big achievements within your franchise network. It could be as simple as an ‘Employee of the Month’ feature or as grand as an annual awards ceremony.
  • Share Stories: Just as children learn from stories, franchises can share narratives of successes, transformations, and even failures. These stories can serve as both educational tools and inspirational catalysts.

By adopting some of these childlike virtues, you can breathe new life into your franchise operations. The benefits are twofold: you’ll rejuvenate your approach to management, and likely, bring out the latent childlike zeal in your franchisees as well. After all, when a business is run with passion, authenticity, and love, success isn’t just achievable, it’s inevitable.

In summary, adopting a child’s curiosity, passion, and authenticity can revitalize a franchise business. The key lies in implementing these principles in a strategic, authentic manner. The result is a more engaged, innovative, and ultimately successful franchise network. And in the world of business, who wouldn’t want to capture a bit of that childlike magic?



Evan, a cooperative buying expert, twice led keynote speeches at the National Cooperative Business Association and has managed multi-billion-dollar buying groups. He has also consulted with many franchisors on their buying efforts. 

As author, speaker and entrepreneur, Evan Hackel has been instrumental in launching more than 20 businesses and has managed a portfolio of brands with systemwide sales of more than $5 billion. He is the creator of Ingaged Leadership, is author of the book Ingaging Leadership Meets the Younger Generation and is a thought leader in the fields of leadership and success.

Evan is the CEO of Ingage Consulting, Delta Payment Systems, and an advisor to Tortal Training. Reach Evan at, 781-820 7609 or visit