In a business world that is typically male-dominated, Alyssa Chumbley proves it doesn’t have to be.

In a business world that is typically male-dominated, Alyssa Chumbley proves it doesn’t have to be. As an accomplished franchisee owner of Express Employment Professionals with locations in Valparaiso and Schererville, Indiana, Alyssa has demonstrated that success is not dependent on gender.

As the leading global staffing provider franchise network, Express Employment Professionals is dedicated to providing dynamic workforce solutions that exceed expectations and provide hope to all clients, associates, and communities the franchise serves. The franchise is dedicated to diversity and inclusivity, harboring a merit-based culture and exhibiting commitment to its core values of persistence, respect, empathy, integrity, honesty, focus, and efficiency.

Prior to becoming a successful business owner, Alyssa grew up in a small community in Northwest Indiana and attended Purdue University, where she majored in business management. After graduation, she landed a career in sales where she quickly climbed the ladder and discovered her passion for leadership. By the age of 22, Alyssa managed a team of 30 fully commissioned sales representatives. Her experience in this role taught her many valuable lessons, including the importance of stepping outside of her comfort zone and the ability to learn from her mistakes.

After six years in the corporate world, Alyssa took a leap of faith and purchased an Express Employment Professionals franchise. Her parents had been Express franchise owners for over 20 years, and growing up, Alyssa had spent her summer breaks working at her parents’ offices.  During her summers, Alyssa was responsible for answering phones, welcoming associates, and filing applications, but also learned lessons about the important service Express Employment Professionals provided.

As a second-generation business owner, Alyssa has always recognized the value of staffing and helping companies build their businesses while strengthening the community. Alyssa sees the staffing industry as a chance to serve others with love, support, and hope by guiding them on their journey to finding the right job. Although the staffing industry can be challenging, Alyssa was determined to build her franchise with her core values and client-service vision in mind.

“One of our core values is, ‘we develop leaders focused on a common goal.’ As my team’s leader, I need to continue to offer personal and professional growth within our organization so we can continue to grow bigger, faster and stronger. Taking on new brands, locations, and service lines within our franchise system will be the engine behind ensuring that my leaders are continuously fulfilled with growth opportunities,” says Alyssa.

Express Employment Professionals is different from other agencies because it is locally owned and operated yet has the backing of a large and healthy international headquarters which enables the local small businesses to work more efficiently at a larger scale without having to jeopardize the local community connection and impact. With that said, Express is really able to diversify its recruiting efforts, which is one of the many things that sets the company apart from its competitors. When recruiting, the company also encourages its franchisees to broaden their skillset and industry experience.

As a franchise owner, Alyssa most enjoys the flexibility the company’s business structure provides her. Franchising allows Alyssa to run the business at a pace that fits her lifestyle while receiving continuous support from her franchisor. From the business perspective, she loves speaking with different decision-makers in the community while also making a difference by helping businesses accomplish their goals and having a direct impact on people’s lives through employment opportunities.

Through her impressive leadership skills and astounding dedication, Alyssa has made a significant impact in the staffing industry. Her passion and commitment to community building has allowed Alyssa to grow into an exceptional franchise owner and a valuable asset to the Express franchise. She believes that empowering her team members to become leaders is the key to her team’s success. Alyssa also emphasizes the importance of making tough decisions and having difficult conversations when necessary, as it is crucial to the productivity, culture, and growth of her business. She advises aspiring business leaders to develop a team of leaders rather than followers, empowering them to contribute to the development and success of the business.

Alyssa is a true leader that has proven with hard work, passion, and a focus on personal and professional growth, anything is possible. As a franchise owner of Express Employment Professionals, she has shown that being an underdog doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. Her dedication to her team and her willingness to take on new challenges has allowed her business to expand and thrive. Her commitment to developing leadership within her organization is a testament to her own strong leadership skills. By creating an environment where her team can grow both personally and professionally, she is ensuring that her franchise continues to evolve and improve.

“Being a business owner has been life changing and fulfilling. My husband and I both hold demanding leadership positions in two different industries, while also raising a young family. To some, it may seem impossible, but I am grateful and humbled we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to have our cake and eat it too,” says Alyssa.


As Alyssa moves forward, it is clear that she will continue to be a successful franchise owner and leader. Her ability to adapt to new challenges and her dedication to her team will undoubtedly lead to continued growth and success. Her message to not underestimate the underdog and to have your cake and eat it too, is a valuable lesson for all aspiring entrepreneurs. Alyssa’s story is an inspiration, and we look forward to seeing what she will achieve next.