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The undeniable growth and expansion in women owned businesses around the United States and the world is underway and some of the statistics both in franchising and in small business ownership.  This rising tide for female business ownership is both a very good thing for our overall economy as this demographic has historically been a much lower percentage of the business market which means growth and opportunity for women and also growth for the entire economy with new ideas, new perspective and new business initiatives from female owned firms.   




First, let’s get an idea of the scope of overall growth in women owned businesses, the numbers are exciting and staggering in some cases.  According to Fundera, 12.3 Million U.S. businesses are owned by women entrepreneurs and generate in excess of $1.8 Trillion in revenues.  During 2020, the women started 1,821 new businesses EVERY DAY!  What’s even more fantastic is that of the new businesses started, 64% of them were owned by women of color in 2020.  In the ten years between 1997 and 2007, women owned businesses created over 500,000 new jobs and opportunities for employment.  With all this growth and expansion in the overall business market for women, the growth in women owned franchises and franchise brands should be no surprise.   


Now, let’s look at the franchise industry and the impact women have had on the franchise market specifically.  Women have created opportunities, defined market segments and paved the way for entire markets through the franchise business model.  Let’s point to a few specific brands and businesses which are led by strong, innovative women business leaders.  Some of the bigger brands include The Bundt Shoppe, which was founded by Ms. Amina Ahmed, which is a unique and high margin retail baked goods franchise brand based in the Colorado market.  The business model is beginning to grow quickly in Colorado and surrounding markets.  Kika Stretch is a fantastic example of women owned franchise systems doing exceptionally well in part because of the female perspective and creative energy supplied by Kika DuBose Wise.  This brand has opened almost thirty stretch studios from their New Jersey headquarters to sunny California markets and has defined a entirely new market segment under her leadership.  Taria Ramos, the founder of Inspired Cravings, a fantastic Vegan Bakery model is beginning to develop the franchise system from the Virginia Headquarters to throughout the Mid-Atlantic markets and throughout the Southeastern U.S.  Ms. Ramos saw a need and a significant market segment that needed representation in a vegan baked goods brand that customers could trust and enjoy, so she took the first steps and launched Inspired Cravings.   


Some of the franchise industry’s biggest brands and most established franchise systems have been developed by women owned franchisors, but the increasing trend of franchises being owned by women is also undeniable and proving to be one of the richest opportunities for growing franchise brands.  According to the Wall Street Journal, by 2019, women owned over 265,000 franchise businesses in the United States which comprises over 35 percent of all franchises, this is an increase of 24 percent from a decade prior.  Stunning growth and a market segment that has pushed many franchise brands to shift their marketing and recruitment efforts to not only include women, but to focus on targeting women franchise owners.  This transition has also helped support the growth in many traditionally women-oriented businesses now entering the franchise market and seeing opportunities to scale their brand through franchising.   


Fetewell Events, an event venue services franchise has been developed by Ms. Kate Ansari, a influential and fantastically creative entrepreneur in the Washington D.C. area markets.  The model is beginning to franchise throughout the region and expand into the Mid-Atlantic markets.  The Meta Frequency Franchise, a healing and wellness franchise founded by Lysa Bozel has created a business model selling crystals and personal development services was launched in the last year from the Tampa, Florida market.  Kemskin Beauty is a beauty services brand founded by Ms. Natiya Hood which offers a wide range of skincare, waxing and beauty services which was brought to market recently and offers a fantastic beauty services franchise.  Harlem Zen, a beauty services brand focused on women of color was franchised in 2019 by Ms. Angela McTair in Atlanta.  The brand was innovative, the first of it’s kind to offer services specifically tailored to women in this demographic and has been enormously well received in a very short time period.  All of these franchise systems and more are part of this fantastic growth in female owned franchise growth.  Today, more than ever in history, women are a force in the business community and the impact they have is growing every day.  If you are franchising your business, you cannot ignore the opportunity to make your franchise appealing and welcoming to women owned franchise brands.   


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