Workforce GPS – A Roadmap to Filling Your Team


Where did all the available workforce go? Doesn’t it seem like just a few weeks ago, people were lined up outside your business to put in an application for employment? Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that even the most established and tenured workers were suddenly out of a job and seeking employment anywhere it could be found?




roadmap to workforce

Then in a flash, the workforce has been depleted and everywhere we look, there are help wanted signs with verbiage like: desperately seeking reliable workers and incentives like: join our team today and receive a $500 signing bonus. Employers are pulling out everything they can think of to attract help. Our clients are experiencing the same thing. National franchises are struggling to attract and keep team members. I have been to many restaurants in the last six months that would be booming with filled tables but instead, dining rooms are closed and drive throughs are barely operational. Businesses allowed to open their dining rooms again can’t because staffing is so low. It is a crushing situation for franchisees and franchisors alike. So, what can be done to stem the tide of locked entrances and help wanted signs leading to diminished revenues?

My team and I have been working to answer this very question and in this month’s expert advice article, I will give you our playbook. We have developed a process to build a career culture in your business, attracting career minded team members and retaining these valuable team members for the long term. Our formula also separates transient, temporary candidates from those who possess a sense of loyalty and have a strong work ethic.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the secret sauce. To begin your journey to attracting and retaining career minded team members, there are a few cornerstones that must be put in place and understood before career culture becomes established.

These cornerstones are:

1. Any business that offers a unique value proposition to the marketplace, has every opportunity to grow and expand. If the business or franchise owner does not have a growth and expansion mindset, they will attract transient, temporary employees.

2. Growth (vertical) and Expansion (horizontal) will inevitably create the need to develop a career culture and attract career minded individuals.

3. Career minded individuals will seek out opportunities with businesses that have a growth and expansion strategy. These individuals will avoid “dead end streets” in their career path.

4. When businesses with a growth and expansion mindset intersect with career minded individuals, the result is unified momentum in one direction – in other words, a seamless and concerted success.

Let’s look a bit closer at each cornerstone.

1. You, the employer, must have a growth mindset. There is no destination on a dead-end street and backing up into oncoming traffic is never safe or enjoyable. The only way to attract great talent is to have your sights set on growth (vertical) and expansion (horizontal). IF you have no intention of growth and expansion, then you will only ever attract what we have dubbed, transient-temporary employees. These are the types of employees who are simply looking to bridge the gap between being unemployed and the next big break, or increase in hourly rate, or job title, etc. The only way to “attract, acquire, and advance” staff is to give them a place to grow. If you aren’t interested in growing, then establishing a career culture is not the solution for you. To attract talented team members, you must have a place for them to cultivate their potential and build their future.

2. You must have a thorough training program. This means the development of a step-by-step “university” type training leading each successful candidate to become a successful and advancing member of your team – and this doesn’t have to be daunting or intimidating for you to adopt into your training regimen – it just needs to be purposed and thorough. Franchisors sometimes offer this type of staff training in written form as part of your support. If it is not available, then creating your own training university is imperative. That being said, it is more than a Word doc of some basic instructions and things you expect. This is a training program that lets the new recruit know that you are investing in their future. That you expect them to stay with you and grow with you. Great training programs (these could be a classroom, online video, or digital document delivery) should include the following sections:

• Orientation (welcome, company history, why you matter to us, our vision for your future)
• Introduction to Leadership Chain (who is leading the company and their roles)
• Introduction to their Position (job description, hours, importance of role in the company)
• Daily Operations (opening and closing procedures in detail)
• Standard Performance Expectations & Company Policies (what you expect each day, a Employee Policy Handbook may be reviewed here)
• Safety (policies on safety)
• Paths to Advancement (how to advance their career and income with your company)
• Our Commitment to You (your role in their success)
• Hands-On Training (what you will use to reinforce the digital training, ensuring that employees can actually do the tasks they are assigned)
• Video Library (training videos that can even be made on high-quality phone cameras that demonstrate specific portions of the job)
• Final Exam (digital and hands-on) When asked to create this for clients, we build an online “e-learning” environment in which new team members can learn at their own pace, test in the training elements, and graduate the university with a certification or diploma.

3. You must understand the trajectory of your business’s evolution. If you don’t know where your business is going or your desired destination prior to a job fair, it will be in your best interest to settle this before engaging with qualified and motivated candidates. To thoroughly understand your business direction and destination, a few questions must be answered:
• Are you determined to grow beyond your current footprint, or do you just want to make it to the end of the quarter?
• If you are only interested in a single footprint, what will you offer highly qualified and motivated candidates
as incentives to choose your business as part of their career path? How far down the career path are you able to carry them?
• If you are interested in growing beyond your current footprint, what is the career path your business can offer a highly qualified and motivated candidate?
• Are you prepared to invest in the training, grooming, and cultivation of this candidate to replicate your successful business model?
• Beyond experience, what can your business offer this candidate to equip them for their future and enrich their lives?

Thoroughly answering these questions will prepare you for a successful engagement in the coming weeks and months as you seek to fill your staff with loyal and committed team members.

To help you, Norris Ventures offers a free HR Resource Kit. If you would like a digital copy, email the support team at and request the HR Resource. Support will gladly share it with you.


Gary began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 21. In 2013, he created and launched a financial platform to benefit healthcare patients without insurance. In 2015, this system was recognized as the runner up in the Edison Project. As a result, Gary was presented with many opportunities to teach groups and mentor individual entrepreneurs. From that continued momentum, Norris Ventures was born. In 2018, Gary made Norris Ventures his primary focus and was able to devote 100% of his time to helping businesses and franchisors grow and reach their potential, which for him, is living his dream. Gary’s 1st book, “Dirt Road Doctorate” can be found at Amazon Books. His other passions include playing his guitar and working on his 13-acre farm.

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