Founded the morning of 9/11…our incorporation papers received their approval stamps within minutes of the towers being struck…Bloomin’ Blinds is a family company.  Karen McGuffin founded the company in Dallas and was joined by her 3 sons within a handful of years.  Together they created Bloomin’ Blinds over the next 16 years before the franchise was formed.  Now Karen is retired and the boys are still running the show.

Bloomin’ Blinds has always been a “repair company that happens to sell a ton of blinds”.  Early on we realized that retailers were primarily sales only and Bloomin’ Blinds had a significant differentiator in the addition of the repair concept.  The business model has weathered the economic storms that followed 9/11 and the housing bubble pop in 2008.

Bloomin’ Blinds is a technology based, fresh, new approach to an industry otherwise resisting modernization.