Founded in 1978 and part of the FullSpeed Automotive® family of brands, Grease Monkey® has grown to more than 500 centers internationally with operations in the United States, China, Colombia, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia. The brand has flourished, thanks to a commitment to customer service, innovation, and driving strong ROI for franchisees.

One reason Grease Monkey is a great business opportunity is because nearly everyone in America drives, and more than 99% of the vehicles on U.S. roads need regular oil changes. Americans cumulatively drive about 3.2 trillion miles per year, and Americans are keeping their vehicles longer than ever before. According to research conducted by S&P Global Mobility, the average age of light vehicles in the U.S. rose to an all-time high of 12.2 years in 2022. This is the fifth straight year the average vehicle age in the U.S. has risen. Drivers understand that to extend the life of their vehicles, routine maintenance is a must.

Grease Monkey believes that the best way to build a successful business is to instill a strong culture within the organization. We all rely on one another for the brand to be successful. We work hard every day to earn the trust of franchisees, just as you work to earn the trust of your customers and employees. We look for people who have the drive to constantly improve, and the willingness to share ideas and ask questions. We look for leaders who will empower their employees and who enjoy watching them develop new skills and advance their careers. And we value commitments—the willingness to do what’s needed to fulfill promises. And the integrity to let people know when an agreement may be broken.

Even if you don’t have automotive repair experience and are simply exploring the industry because of its stability and strong margins, you can be assured that you will be backed by a large franchise support team dedicated to your success. We provide training, marketing support, and a wide range of tools to help you find customers and serve them well!

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