Sheenco Travel began trading in 2012 under the name Shamrock Vacations. Nowadays Sheenco is the leading name in luxury travel to Ireland and the UK and has just launched a brand new Travel Franchise in the USA.

Our focus on luxury helps us to stand out as we only use 4* and 5* properties and have a special focus on the wonderful Castle accommodations available throughout Ireland and the UK. But more than anything it’s the level of service we offer, from the first point of contact until after your reluctant arrival home. Our friendly and close knit team go beyond your expectations with ease.

Despite the difficulties of the Global Pandemic, Genevieve continued with the companies plans (albeit on a delayed timescale) to expand their operation in the US and the Sheenco Travel Franchise was launched in June 2021. When asked about the timing of the expansion Genevieve laughingly asks “having started a business  in a recession when else would you expand but in a Pandemic?!”

Thanks to a solid team and great communication with guests and team members alike, Sheenco Travel have come out the other side of the Pandemic relatively unscathed and the future looks bright for this progressive and innovative company.