Founded by Alejandra Font, Luis Font and Sam Bakhtiar in 2010,The Camp Transformation Center (The Camp) was born out of the realization that despite universal knowledge of how to lose weight — eat healthier and work out regularly — millions of people still struggle to get results.

During an era of skyrocketing obesity, The Camp created a proven system to help this massively underserved audience achieve their goals. Home of the free “20-Pound Weight Loss Challenge,” The Camp Transformation Center’s flagship program consists of group training with dynamic interval workouts, nutrition and supplement plans, highly qualified trainers, and a ton of positive emotional support. The Camp is a community of people who treat fellow members like family. The Camp Transformation Center is an industry leader in the weight loss and wellness niche. The franchise currently has nearly 150 locations in more than a dozen states. The fitness brand’s goal is to provide its outstanding services to people who wish to lose weight and improve their health in 500 communities by 2030. Each Camp employs the company’s signature Challenge, a six-week initial entry point for members, that aims to be a transformative moment in the lives of those who join and a launching pad for long-term membership. The Camp Transformation Center is known for its enthusiastic staff members, a clean environment, an open, spacious, and colorful design, supplement plans, and fitness training that is motivating and affordable.

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