ZIPS is the leading low-cost player in a $10.5 billion laundry and dry-cleaning industry, caring for items our customers use every day, and others they reserve for special occasions. We offer five concepts in one in a compact footprint, including: pressed laundry, dry cleaning, Wash N Fold laundry, alterations and caring for household items.

Our business was founded when eight of the Baltimore -Washington, D.C. area’s premier dry cleaners banded together to pool their expertise and resources to create a powerhouse brand. They established an “in by 9, out by 5,” one-low-price-to-dry-clean-any-garment approach that is affordable and convenient for customers to use and easy for operators to sell.

We have nearly 70 locations open across the United States, commitments to open more than 100 more, and many territories available immediately for multi-unit development. We’re ready to help you get set up with full-service processing locations, satellite “drop” stores, sophisticated locker systems and processing of items for commercial organizations and even other garment care businesses. And we’ll support you every step of the way, from getting up and running to keeping things going strong for years to come.

At ZIPS we’re committed to being an environmentally responsible organization: Every location accepts hangers for recycling, is illuminated by energy-efficient LED lights, uses 100% biodegradable plastic bags and an odor-free hydrocarbon solvent, and captures by-product in clay filters that are disposed of through a third-party government compliance specialist. We also avoid individually wrapping using each garment or adding tissue paper in the sleeves, which cuts down not only on waste but on cost as well.

Independent garment care operators and growth-minded, entrepreneurial investors alike can capitalize on our systems, buying power, investment in innovation and improvement, and our brand. Contact our Director of Business Development, Abhi Parikh, at or (717) 495-7995 today to learn how you can look your best with a ZIPS franchise opportunity.