Economists from Bloomberg are signaling the threat of a looming recession stating that an economic downturn in 2022 is unlikely, but a full recession in 2023 will be tough to avoid. This could mean lost jobs, reduced hours, and a cutback from employers resulting in no raises or bonuses. In times of economic uncertainty, some businesses fare better than others, and commercial cleaning is among them.

Earlier this year, Anago Cleaning Systems was named one of the top 100 Best Recession-Proof Franchises to Start in 2022 by leading franchise market research firm, Franchise Business Review. The rating is based on extensive industry research and surveying that focuses on owner satisfaction and the best chance of success in today’s changing economic landscape.

The industry’s performance during previous economic times was a leading factor for Luper and Brittanie Akough from Omaha, NE. Both serial entrepreneurs with business interests in insurance, real estate, and final mile logistics, Luper and Brittanie recently became Anago’s Master Franchise operator in Nebraska. As the state’s second largest black-owned employer, the duo plan to use the Anago Master Franchise platform to create small business ownership pathways for people interested in being their own boss, while engaging in an industry that’s been challenged by strained economic times.

Last year, Anago reported 20% system-wide growth with continued development in new and existing territories. Most notably were a $1.3M revenue increase from Anago of Greater Philadelphia and a 99% increase in unit franchisee operations from Anago of Austin. Both locations are exemplary of what Anago Master Franchisees and Unit Franchisees experienced coming off the previous years of the COVID-19 pandemic.