Chip Cookies – the original gourmet cookie delivery company – has announced plans to expand to Denver so more guests can enjoy their signature warm, fresh cookies. Having established the foundation for what is now the booming cookie market, Chip Cookies is continuing to stand out by using high-quality ingredients and delivering happiness, one perfectly baked cookie at a time. The newly franchising gourmet cookie company currently has 10 locations across Utah and Idaho and is now targeting Denver and the surrounding metro area for growth, with plans to open 25+ locations there in the coming years. This next step in the brand’s expansion comes after they recently sold out all territories in their home state of Utah.

“Denver is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and we’re confident that Denverites and the influx of families moving there will appreciate the sweet moments that Chip Cookies provides,” said Sean Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of Chip Cookies. “We are excited to find new franchise partners in the community who will help us achieve our mission of delivering happiness.” 

“We are confident that our loyal customers and proven business model will make Chip Cookies and our franchise partners a huge success in Denver,” said Sarah Wilson, Co-Founder of Chip Cookies. “There will always be a need for a pick-me-up, so we can’t wait to find more franchisees who will help us become the go-to spot for a warm, fresh cookie in Denver.”

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