As bundling and convenience have steadily become more and more popular over the years, one entrepreneur had an industry-changing idea.

JC Hite, Founder and CEO of Hite Digital, noticed that traditional marketing agencies weren’t doing enough for their clients. He went on to found Hite Digital, a white label digital marketing agency, franchising the brand shortly thereafter. The brand is changing the way people think about digital marketing after Hite identified that a traditional agency’s scope of services limits its clients. 

Hite Digital’s mission is simple: Help their clients’ growth rather than maintain their business. In order to achieve this, the brand focuses on what they have defined as the 4 Pillars of Scalability: Fulfillment, Systems and Operations, Prospecting, and Business Coaching. By creating cohesive momentum between the 4 pillars, the concept has provided the unique opportunity to help marketing agencies expand their reach with better-quality services that deliver enhanced results to clients.  

Offering marketing specialists in PPC, Facebook Ads, Web Design, Branding & Logo, and SEO services, Hite Digital hasn’t only become popular among clients, but franchisees as well. With 16 franchises across the United States, the brand has quadrupled in revenue since it began franchising.

“Success doesn’t have to include complications and outsourcing”, said Hite. “We’re helping people rethink not only what they want out of an agency, but what they deserve.”