Fast-growing fitness business, Fitstop, will be the new home of functional fitness in the U.S with plans to launch in early 2023.

With the appointment of leading U.S fitness personality Peter Pisani as North American Athletic Director, the brand is focused on planting a flag in California with multiple locations launching.

Fitstop Founder and Managing Director, Peter Hull, said: “Our initial launch plans consists of focusing on a flagship operation of ten locations in California to build an amazing community.

“We want to showcase our concept to the US market and allow them to experience first-hand what makes Fitstop so special, prior to scaling further towards the next milestone for the business.

“We have a focus on building a family-like community, and our aim is not to rush this process,” said Peter Hull.

Having partnered with Lift Brands throughout the pandemic in order to support overall growth in APAC, the vision was set to expand into the US.

After having overachieved results expected in an initial 12 months, this expansion was fast-tracked, raising a further $2.5m USD ($3.3m AUD) in which to fund the founding team and launch platform for the U.S, allowing Fitstop to push into market but also assemble a championship team.

Peter Pisani – joining the business for this U.S venture – will play a critical role in Fitstop’s global fitness team and oversee the 2023 program globally, alongside managing the athletic department for North America.

Starting his journey as a CrossFit athlete, Peter Pisani worked across F45 as the global performance director prior to moving onto successful workout app FIIT in the UK, driving growth across the brand’s online product offering specifically throughout Covid.

“I had been following Peter’s (Pisani) journey for some time, and in many ways had admired his career path and achievements,” said Peter Hull.

“When Peter made the transition back to California from the UK, the timing was perfect for us to have a conversation about Fitstop.
“We flew Peter out to Australia and he fell in love with our brand from the first session.

“We are a fitness company, fitness is in our DNA, so for us, the right step was implementing an athletic director prior to a U.S CEO. We wanted to find someone who lives and breathes Fitstop – we found that in Pete,” said Peter Hull.

Incorporating a variety of 50-minute sessions combining the fundamentals of strength, metabolic conditioning and endurance, Fitstop provides athletic-inspired training allowing members to experience real results.

Fitstop offers no lock-in contracts, simply the ability to pay weekly for unlimited and/or casual sessions. Members enjoy a personal trainer and coach for athlete-inspired training in a personalised group training environment.

Newly appointed North American Athletic Director, Peter Pisani, said: “We’re a decade into group fitness now and I think when looking at the industry, there’s a hunger for what is next.

“When Peter Hull first got in touch, invited me out to Australia and I took my first Fitstop class, I thought – this is it.

“I don’t know how he’s done it, but he has conceived a way to put performance and the benefits of progressive intensity into a 50 minute session that leaves people thinking – this was awesome, I need this, and I feel like I can take on life outside of this.

“The training is not only scientifically proven, but it is also exciting.

“I used to be competitive in the fitness space – but being a millenial and getting older, as much as I still want to be competitive, my body is telling me no. Now, my focus is on moving for health and moving for functionally & longevity. When I got back into some other fitness programs, I thought ‘my body is just not going to be able to hold up’.

“The intention of fitness is not to train so hard you can’t walk. But to train so you can go for a run, go for a hike, go for a bike ride, do these things you’re wanting to do to enjoy life.

“People are always in-tune to what is next and the fitness market is very educated now. We have this beautiful package that I am so looking forward to bringing to the U.S,” said Peter Pisani.

Launched in 2013, Fitstop first opened in a small tin shed in Brisbane. Driving membership growth by over 70% through the evidence-based Fitstop Formula, the brand has inspired and educated over 19,000 members and continues to grow.

With everything managed through a custom-built app, this technology allows Fitstop members to add training targets and goals, guiding and elevating the entire experience like no other fitness business – with ultimately, the training setting Fitstop apart.

Having recently opened an additional two locations across New Zealand and a further 10+ locations in the works, Fitstop will implement its unique approach to the U.S market as the next stage of the company’s growth.