Fluffy Fluffy, a dessert café renowned for its award-winning souffle pancakes, has announced their interest in continuing their footprint in Texas. The brand which currently has one location in Frisco and another opening in Dallas this Summer, is looking for passionate franchisees to help them bring the brand to all other major cities in the state as they work to continue their national expansion.

With a successful launch of the first Texas Fluffy Fluffy store and the imminent opening of a new location in Dallas, this summer, the brand is eager to find qualified partners to help them as they continue on their expansion journey. With their sights set specifically on Houston and Austin, the brand plans to establish up to three restaurants in each city.

However, their overarching objective is to establish a presence in all major cities throughout the Lone Star state.
Texas is renowned for its rich culinary history, shaped by the myriad of cultures from nearly 30 ethnic and cultural groups.

Fluffy Fluffy is known for its commitment to diversity and inclusion, poising them to contribute to the state’s food scene by introducing a new cuisine, further enriching its diverse culinary landscape and contributing to the vibrant mix of cultures found across Texas.

“The Frisco community has embraced us wholeheartedly,” expressed Benson Lau, Founder and Director of Business Development at Fluffy Fluffy. “The outstanding success of our debut Texas location has exceeded all expectations, and we’re thrilled to venture forward in search of suitable partners to extend our mission of spreading joy to other Texas cities.