Only 6 Seats Available


Who is a Fit?

You are a successful franchisee and have owned your franchise 1-5 years working in the operations of your business 20% of your time or more.

You are ready to transition from an owner-operator into the executive that strategically works on your business growth in the next year.

You know the value of working with colleagues to solve big problems.


What you receive?

Small, Supportive Group: Imagine being part of a close-knit community of 6 franchisees. In this intimate setting, your voice matters, and your insights are valued.

Bi-weekly Sessions: We’ll meet every other week from January 18, 2024, through March 28, 2024, at 10:00-11:30a.m. Central. This consistent schedule allows you to stay engaged and make steady progress.

Expert Guidance: You receive personalized coaching tailored to your unique journey as a franchise owner with 3one-on-one conversations.

Collective Wisdom: Our discussions are about tapping into the collective wisdom of fellow franchise owners who’ve faced similar challenges and found creative solutions.

Proven Strategies: The Franchise Owner’s Dashboard is a time-tested executive framework to conquer obstacles, achieve goals, and scale your franchise business.

The Franchisee Advanced Leadership Center Mastermind

Here’s what some of our colleagues have to say about working with Luke

“I have had the pleasure of working with/knowing Luke Frey for over 10 years. He is a very intelligent, hard-working, insightful leader across many industries. Luke is thorough, business-minded, and he has the ability to collaborate on all levels with clients, whether they are a small company or a multi-million-dollar corporation. Above all the skills and connections he possesses, Luke Frey is a genuine person who’s always looking to do the next right thing. I would highly recommend him and his consultative services if you want someone who truly cares not only about your company, but the people who make it what is today and where they are striving to get it to tomorrow.”

– Christy Perdue, CLLM, CPLM


“Luke is a small business and franchise genius! I highly recommend him as a business consultant.”

– Kody DeWees, Owner, Ranger Roofing


“Luke is not only a man of integrity. He is a knowledgeable and wise businessman and leader. He understands businesses and how they should operate at maximum efficiency. I would highly recommend working with Luke for anyone considering it.”

– Colton Richardson, Trial Attorney, Richardson Richardson Boudreaux


“Lucas has provided clarity and direction during each of our sessions which allow me to become a better-equipped leader. I truly felt more accomplished and direction in the initial 30-minute meeting with Lucas than I have since I started this journey.”

– Whitney DeNeen, Managing Director, EMR.

The Franchisee Advanced Leadership Center Mastermind



Executive to Franchisee by Lucas FreyLuke Frey is a seasoned professional who helps franchise owners succeed where corporate support needs to be improved. With a diverse background that includes 20 years as a successful franchise owner of ImageFIRST Cincinnati, 6 years as an industrial engineer for a Fortune 250 company, and 19 years as a firefighter and chief, Luke has honed his leadership and problem-solving skills to become a positive driving force for other franchise owners’ successes.

Luke’s extensive experience and drive to learn make him a sought-after advisor for franchise owners who want to maximize profits through proven leadership strategies. His management, marketing, operations, and sales expertise helps franchise owners improve their bottom lines and achieve their goals.

As the founder of Bella Vista Executive Advisors, Luke supports franchise owners with the tools, guidance, and support they need to succeed in a competitive market. To learn more about Luke and how Bella Vista Executive Advisors can help your franchise thrive, please visit our website at