Great Harvest Bakery Cafe, a franchise and specialty bread concept known for fresh, made-from-scratch bread and desserts, has recently opened its first location with a fully-functioning drive-thru. Located at 3000 Jerry Dove Dr., the owner saw the need the community had for a more convenient dining option, and was happy to rise to the occasion.


The location is locally owned and operated by entrepreneur David Kesling, who also owns the Great Harvest Bakery Cafe location in Elkins. Already being familiar with owning a business, Kesling was drawn to Great Harvest Bread Co. due to their made-from-scratch philosophy.


“My son and daughter work in the shop and I’m excited to be able to share this experience with them,” said Kesling. “Our location in Elkins is thriving, and I knew this concept would positively impact the Bridgeport community. We are the first Great Harvest Bakery Cafe with a drive-thru set up through the point of sales system, and if successful, I’m eager to see the concept implemented in future locations.”


“We put as much care, time, and attention into our franchise owners as we do with our fresh baked products,” said Mike Ferretti, CEO of Great Harvest Bread Company. “We value what the community needs, and we listen to what they need from us. We are excited to have the first drive-thru implemented in West Virginia, and we look forward to seeing how this can grow throughout our future franchises.”

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