Gyro Shack, the Greek quick-service food concept specializing in convenient service of authentic food, announces their national franchise opportunity. The brand has recently seen the increase in demand for their food, and looks forward to opening their first location outside of their home market of Idaho, in Tucson, Arizona in March of this year. Gyro Shack is looking forward to bringing their healthy, convenient Greek food to Tucson and throughout the United States.

Seth Brink, President of Gyro Shack is excited to bring the flavors of Gyro Shack to communities around the nation. “It’s important that communities have access to different types of cuisines, and that they are accessible and convenient,” said Brink. “Gyro Shack provides this convenient access to Greek food, making it healthier and more diverse than the traditional food that you would receive through a drive-through.”

“The environment at Gyro Shack is what makes us unique,” continued Brink. “We really try to treat the people we’re involved with how we’d like to be treated and are looking for franchisees and partners who want to do the same thing in return for the brand and for their customers. Anyone who comes through Gyro Shack has the opportunity to become an owner or franchisee through our training.”

Later this year, the franchise will open its second Tucson location. Gyro Shack is excited to bring their innovative technology and business models to additional Tucson locations and to the remainder of Arizona.

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