JETSET Pilates – the Miami-based, modern Reformer Pilates franchise, combining curated music and fitness for the ultimate revitalizing experience – is continuing its success into the new year after opening multiple locations in 2023. Currently, the growing franchise has locations open in Florida, with over 28 studios in development throughout New York, North Carolina, Georgia, and Texas and Australia.

Founded by Tamara Galinsky in 2010, JETSET Pilates has grown to become an internationally recognized brand with a growing, loyal community devoted to the unique 50-minute workout that challenges body and mind. Instructors have been trained to create a personal connection with clients, ensuring everyone receives a workout that is effective and appropriate for their personal goals. 

“JETSET is setting out to make Pilates a norm within the industry by providing an accessible service at a flexible rate,” said Galinsky. “Our services, in combination with the aesthetic of our studios allows clients to build a real sense of community when visiting our locations. Not only is the fragrance a welcoming appeal, but so is the atmosphere of each and every JETSET environment.”

Entering 2024, the brand is seeking potential franchise partners looking to own multiple studios within the franchise network. Their easy-to-use managerial system and user friendly LMS systems makes an easy transition for opening and operation. Unlike most franchising opportunities, JETSET Pilates allows an instant stream of opening revenue with strategies in place to establish memberships before opening.

JETSET is working at closing the gap between the rest of the fitness industry and Pilates.