Upon the retirement of the original owner, the Layne’s corporate team took ownership of the three original restaurants.


With the retirement of Mike Garratt, the original owner of Layne’s Chicken Fingers, the first three restaurants of the Texas-born and breaded chicken finger franchise have been acquired by the corporate team. Garratt will remain a part-owner in the company and continues to serve on the board, offering his expertise as the franchise pushes ongoing growth.

Because Garratt had a licensing deal, there was a 50-mile protected radius surrounding the original location, and he was not required to follow changing brand guidelines, including new visual branding, updated menu offerings and operational changes. Rather, he maintained the nostalgic Layne’s feel in all three restaurants.

Now, with the corporate team taking over the three restaurants and freeing up the opportunity to develop new locations within the 50-mile radius, the brand is only becoming even more connected and cohesive across Texas.

The very first Layne’s restaurant will be maintained as a sort of time capsule while the other two are updated with new branding and menu items, ensuring the brand presents a united front while keeping all franchisees on a level playing field to protect the overarching strength of the brand and future of each individual location.

The acquisition is just one milestone in the brand’s larger growth trajectory. With 12 open restaurants and another 15 on deck for next year, the Soon to be Famous™ chicken franchise is looking at a 100% year-over-year growth rate as it expands across Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin.