Discover Strength, the efficient, evidence-based strength training workout personalized to clients’ needs, knows that with the new year comes new fitness goals. Rather than making a fitness resolution that likely won’t be effective or seen through, Discover Strength knows that with their 30-minute, twice weekly strength training workouts, goals can be made and achieved all year long. With the combination of educated, expert trainers and the ever-growing list of strength training’s benefits, Discover Strength is the answer to reaching fitness goals in 2023.

Strength training provides clients with the opportunity to not only improve their body composition and increase their metabolic rate, allowing the body to burn more calories at rest, but also provides an opportunity to improve cognitive function and even combat depression. Whatever fitness goals are top of mind for clients this year, Discover Strength provides them with the opportunity to become healthier both inside and out.

Fad workouts aren’t the answer to reaching fitness goals in 2023, and Discover Strength’s CEO, Luke Carlson agrees. “Strength training at Discover Strength is truly the furthest things from a fad workout,” said Carlson. “It’s backed by the preponderance of scientific literature and supervised by educated, expert trainers, which lets our clients see results in a fraction of the time.”

The Discover Strength franchise is built around the idea that busy people don’t have time to waste on workouts that don’t work, which is why Discover Strength’s 30-minute, twice a week schedule allows for fitness to be easily implemented into the lives of busy clients with hectic work schedules and families.

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