Moneypenny has introduced a new bespoke service that adds outbound lead intake and lead qualification to its portfolio of services. Giving franchise businesses confidence their marketing dollars aren’t going to waste, the global communications leader’s offering is a blend of API technology and personalized human touch.

“Many franchises tell us they don’t have the time to qualify new leads, which is where our dedicated specialists come in to help flag ‘hot’ ones, allowing in-house teams to prioritize, and convert faster,” said Eric Schurke, Vice President of Sales for Moneypenny. “Studies have found a pick-up rate of 50 to 80 percent when you call a prospect back within five minutes – you may not have time to do that, but we can, so you can get back before they look elsewhere while also creating a great first impression of your brand.”

Moneypenny’s new outbound service integrates with most major CRMs, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Within seconds of an inquiry coming into the CRM, a specialist will be connected with the prospect by phone and SMS/text, ensuring every new lead is touched within those critical first five minutes. Moneypenny specialists will then continue to nurture the prospect until an appointment is made.  

Outsourcing communications to a dedicated specialist has been shown to help customer-centric companies become up to 60 percent more profitable, with research also showing that brands with superior customer experience bring in five- to seven-times more revenue than those that lag in customer experience.