Moneypenny, which handles 20 million calls and chats for 21,000 businesses worldwide, has launched a first-of-its-kind integration with Microsoft Teams that enables incoming calls to be directly transferred to franchise businesses via Teams wherever they are working. The new integration helps franchise organizations manage the disruptions of hybrid working, ensuring each call is routed to the right employee or franchise the first time because receptionists can check Teams status and only transfer calls when the person is free, or take a message if they are in another Teams meeting.  

Franchising has a growing need for flexibility in hours and location, which Teams has helped make possible, and relies heavily on healthy franchise relationships, which good communication enables. Moneypenny’s innovative integration provides its call handlers with instant access to clients’ Teams accounts 24/7, allowing them to see real-time status and transfer calls in the platform itself, meaning receptionists will only send calls when the person being called is available, eliminating phone transfer interruptions. Pete Hanlon, CTO at Moneypenny, says the new technology is 100% accurate, every time, enabling calls to become smoothly integrated into the working day using technology the franchise industry already knows and loves. 

“This integration further superpowers our call handling services, ensuring quick, efficient and seamless transfers every time. We’ve had access to our clients’ calendars via platforms like Teams, for some time, transferring calls virtually and professionally to cell phone, office, laptop or wherever works. We are delighted to add formal Microsoft Teams call integration to that equation.”