Late last month, Mr Gatti’s Pizza opened its newest family entertainment center location in Dadeville, Alabama. The restaurant features an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, a salad bar, an entertainment area, and games. This is the brand’s seventh location to open this year, with 140 total locations open or in development.

The dynamic duo behind the expansion are franchise owners Mark Weeks and Kurt Hayley, who have cherished the Mr Gatti’s Pizza brand since childhood. This latest opening holds a special meaning for Hayley, a Dadeville native. “I’ve always had cherished memories of this community. From birthday celebrations to school events and sports ceremonies, the presence of Mr Gatti’s food always brought us together. Bringing Mr Gatti’s Pizza back to my hometown is a dream come true,” said Hayley.

This opening in Dadeville comes on the heels of the duo’s recent location opening in Opelika, Ala., where they introduced a Mr Gatti’s Pizza with a contemporary, bar-charmed setting, resonating with both casual meetups and romantic evenings.

In the last three years, the brand has sold 86 franchise agreements and is on track to open 60 locations by the end of 2026. This continued growth is attributed to the franchisees and is a testament to the success of the franchise model the brand has created.