By Doug Smith, SVP of Franchise Development

Age is inevitable, and with a little luck, we’ll all be around long enough to face it. However, as our bodies age and the sun sets on our working years, we must start thinking about the back nine: retirement.

While 401(k)s and IRAs are wonderful options, they often take decades to compound. If you missed that window, here’s another opportunity ripe for the taking — one that may help you build your nest egg: owning a home services franchise.

A wise investment
The global population is growing, adding approximately 73 million people annually. This population boom alone demonstrates a stable demand for new homes, home renovations, repairs, cleanings and more – all of which fall under the home service umbrella.

Home service businesses often deliver services via contracts or subscription-based models, providing predictable, recurring revenue flows. For example, many companies offer various tiers of service, allowing clients to select the plans that best fit their needs and budgets. Maintenance visits allow professionals to complete scheduled inspections or maintenance tasks, ensuring your techs are inside houses on a regular basis. Monthly subscribers may receive priority service, ensuring their concerns are prioritized, which may be helpful in an emergency. All of these are great examples of steady, stable, reliable income.

Additionally, franchise offerings generally come equipped with established brand recognition, proven business models and experienced advisors, resulting in an established customer base, a strong game plan and assistance that’s just a call away.

Compared to independent operators, home service franchise owners don’t always need to operate from a brick-and-mortar location or store expensive inventory, resulting in lower financial risk and higher profit margins. Franchisors typically have systems in place to help manage advertising and marketing, creating awareness and helping to capture leads for your team. As a result, franchise owners have a tried-and-true strategy to implement, rather than creating marketing plans from scratch.

Finally, home service companies can often provide owners a level of flexibility to be very hands-on or somewhat hands-off with day-to-day operations, delegating administrative and operational tasks to managers and supervisors while maintaining control and oversight. And, when it’s time to walk away, the owner may look to sell the business, offering sellers a way to monetize their investment and further secure their financial future.

Skip the startup struggles
Operating a home services company can be both transitional and transformational. If a potential owner is tired of being downsized from a corporate job, facing college tuition bills, or simply wants to build retirement wealth, purchasing a home service franchise is worth consideration.

After all, starting a home service business independently could be daunting. The burden of researching and procuring the necessary equipment, setting up operations and developing a brand rests solely on your shoulders.

Within a franchise model, all of these business activities are already in place. From infrastructure and support mechanisms to marketing and branding, the path to success is already paved. Franchises often boast purchasing power, receiving discounts from suppliers and vendors and access to bulk discounts on products, equipment and supplies, which is another benefit worth considering.

While the foundation is in place for a franchise owner, their success often correlates to their willingness and ability to follow the systems processes that are already in place. The franchise model eliminates the trial and error that tends to delay first-time entrepreneurs’ success.

From an investment standpoint, franchise businesses are high-value assets within an entrepreneur’s portfolio. They make great investments for those with operational expertise or capital but would rather not start from scratch or reinvent the wheel. Home service businesses can also be hedges against inflation, as they’ve shown to deliver more value over time, offering long-term viability.

When you combine the expertise of a seasoned franchise corporate team, known for guiding numerous locations to success, investing in a home service franchise becomes a significant step towards building a sustainable enterprise.

Generational wealth
A home service franchise is not just a way to generate additional funds; options exist to build generational wealth as well.

Reputation is key for dynasty owners. A strong reputation begets reliability, professionalism and integrity throughout the community, leading to word-of-mouth referrals and positive reviews.

Once an owner gets acclimated to the people, processes, training and nuances of the business, the learning curve for multi-unit ownership is much shorter. With that, a second location may even be granted at a discount, as parent company administrators may be more willing to expand their partnership, recognizing they’re working with a stable, profitable business leader.

By forming the proper partnership and focusing on stability, growth, efficiency, customer satisfaction and succession planning, you can build a successful franchise business that provides financial security and opportunities for future generations.

Long-term success
The world population is growing at a high rate, and people will continue needing roofs over their heads. When those homes start to leak, deteriorate or need maintenance, homeowners should call on a home service professional to help with repairs. If you’re looking to pad your portfolio, leading a home service franchise is certainly a viable option. Build your nest egg today so that you’re able to truly enjoy your golden years. Work smarter, not harder!


Doug Smith is senior vice president of franchise development at BELFOR Franchise Group and has decades of experience in the industry. He has a strong track record working in franchise sales and development leadership roles to help franchise systems grow their footprint. For more information about BELFOR Franchise Group, visit