As more than six million pets are surrendered each year, there is a critical and immediate need for adoptions to take place across the U.S. To combat this growing issue Pet Supplies Plus and Wag N’ Wash have launched a nationwide initiative to help 15,000 dogs and cats get adopted in 2024. Year to date, the brands have helped more than 3,214 pets find their forever homes. 


There are many reasons as to why an animal enters a shelter – from being surrendered by a previous owner, to being born into a shelter, to being found on the streets and then brought to a shelter. Recognizing the importance and need of finding loving homes for shelter animals, Pet Supplies Plus and Wag N’ Wash will work alongside local rescues and shelters to host monthly adoption events in stores across the nation. 


“It’s no secret that pets play a crucial role in each of our families, many making a bigger difference in our lives than we even realize,” said Chris Rowland, Chief Executive Officer of Pet Supplies Plus and Wag N’ Wash. “This year, we will be able to rewrite the narratives of 15,000 dogs and cats as they find loving families to call their own. We invite you to join in our commitment in making a difference, one adoption at a time.”


Part of each brand’s identity and mission, Pet Supplies Plus and Wag N’ Wash foster a culture of compassion for the well-being of all animals. 


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