Prism Specialties, the leader in specialty restoration projects providing the most robust range of electronic, textile, art and document restoration services in residential and industrial markets, appointed veteran franchisee Jeff Milligan as the company’s vice president of business development and customer engagement. Milligan opened his first location in September of 2012 as the second franchise in their system.


“Joining the Prism Specialties Home Office team is truly an honor. As a franchise owner for the past 10 years, I’ve built a great rapport with not only the home office team, but many of our franchise owners across the country,” said Milligan.

Milligan ran a multi-million-dollar operation with three offices across North Carolina and was recognized multiple times by Prism Specialties for his hard work. He was a two-time Franchisee of the Year award winner and member of the brand’s Franchise Advisory Council and National Marketing Committee.


In his new role, he will expand and improve the brand’s local sales program and systemwide customer service experience by strengthening the network’s skills on relationship building, sales activities measurement and sales management. “Being part of Prism Specialties’ national team and helping our owners to grow our brand is quite humbling. The future for restoration is bright and I’m excited to be a part of it,” Jeff Milligan explained.


Prism Specialties provides the most robust range of electronic, appliance, textile, art, collectibles and document restoration services in residential and industrial markets since 1993. Their teams of experts are committed to world-class recovery and restoration, are available 24/7, and offer services to minimize interruption at a competitive cost.