Youth Athletes United, the premier youth sports program with a multi-sport brand portfolio that includes Soccer Stars, Amazing Athletes, and TGA (Tennis | Golf | Athletics), is thrilled to introduce an innovative and transformative mentorship role within its organization. The unique Business Success Coach role welcomes six previous franchisees to work in tandem with current owners to build success for the growing brand, while continuing to positively impact kids in local communities and pursue the goal of becoming the nation’s largest youth sports platform.

“As the number of Youth Athletes United franchisees continue to grow, this newly introduced role is a great way to ensure success and build upon the franchisee family,” said Business Success Coach Cindy Taylor. “When starting your new business there are many obstacles and challenges along the way. As a previous franchisee with 19 years of experience in the youth sports vertical, I want to be a role model that can help new owners increase sales and target the right audience.”

The launch of the Business Success Coach role reinforces Youth Athletes United’s commitment to nurturing a vibrant franchise family. By fostering a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, the franchise is laying the groundwork for success. The decision of former franchisees to reinvest in the Youth Athletes United franchise system reflects the brand’s positive culture and commitment. 

 “Having six former franchisees sell their businesses but still want to be a part of the brand is rare to see and speaks volumes of the work culture and environment we have created,” said Co-Founder and CEO of Youth Athletes United, Adam Geisler.