Imagine a meal that is colorful, gluten-free, low fat, packed with top-quality protein, healthy and, most importantly, incredibly delicious. All these factors describe poké, yet many do not know what poké is. So, to inspire people to expand their palates, Florida based fast-casual, national franchise, Island Fin Poké Co., created a solution: come into any of their locations for a free sample, try a bite and fall in love. Starting on Dec. 1, from 11am – 2pm and 5pm – 8pm, all Island Fin Poké Co. locations will be offering free two-ounce sample sizes to welcome new guests to experience the bold flavors in each bowl.


At Island Fin, each poké bowl is created with a combination of proteins beyond the commonly presumed option of tuna, with endless possibilities of mix-ins, toppings, and handcrafted sauces that surprise even the most hesitant guests whenever they try it. Franchisees have experienced almost a one hundred percent sales conversion after guests are offered to sample the poké at Island Fin because the experience is so surprisingly delightful, turning them into loyal guests.


“When a guest comes into Island Fin Poké Co., it is our goal to provide them with an incredible sensory experience. This means the environment is beautiful, there’s thematic music always playing, all the surfaces are clean and welcoming with a fresh scent, and everything tastes incredible.