Sometimes bigger is better. At least with tacos. For the love of all things Fresh Mex, Überrito is at again, but this time with tacos that are the size of a pizza, folded in half. These massive 10-inch crunchy tacos are available now for a limited time at Überrito restaurants across Texas and South Carolina. 

Starting at $8.59 (prices may vary by location), Über Tacos are built inside a signature 10-inch crunchy shell. Each guest can take customization to the next level by choosing from 7 proteins including fish and shrimp, 3 flavors of rice including cauliflower rice, 3 different types of beans, 15+ toppings from jicama slaw to roasted corn, and 8 different house-made salsas. 

“At Überrito, we enjoy taking an adventurous approach to celebrating our dedication to authentic Mexican-scratch cooking, drinks, and culture,” said Pete Pascuzzi, CEO of Überrito and MRI Heritage Brands, Inc. “We already speak fluent burrito, so true to our innovative spirit, we had to match that vibe with a taco so big our guests won’t believe it until they see it. Food should be an experience, and the Über Taco delivers on that.” 

Überrito’s story began nearly a decade ago. Over the years the brand has grown, introducing new products while refining its scratch-cooking. These tastes include fresh, house-made salsas and chips, special marinades for meats, three flavors of rice (including cauliflower rice), three different types of beans, 15+ toppings, and eight different house-made salsas. While Tex-Mex is at our core, we have something to satisfy every appetite. From Cuban to Cajun, Mexican to American, Überrito has something for you, whether you’re a meat lover or a vegan.