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WaBa Grill, one of the nation’s leading healthy rice bowl chains, has announced that Q2 2021 was the top-performing sales quarter in the brand’s 15-year history, with same store sales (SSS) up 39.2% over Q2 2020.

Additionally, the brand’s Q2 SSS represents a jump of a remarkable 28.7% over the same pre-pandemic period for 2019, illustrating extraordinary momentum as the first half of 2021 concluded. Last year, WaBa Grill recorded the best sales year in its history, and the brand known for its healthy and fresh menu is
on pace to topple that record.




“As we recognize our record-breaking Q2 sales, we salute our outstanding and hard-working franchisees who continue to care deeply for their guests and the communities where they conduct business,” said Andrew Kim, President and CEO of WaBa Grill.

“The demand for healthy fast casual continues to flourish, and I’m confident in our lasting ability to thrive in a marketplace driven by quality ingredients, healthy menu options and bold flavors – a trio of consumer demands that are hallmarks of WaBa Grill.”




Record-setting results weren’t the only exciting news in Q2. In May, WaBa Grill proudly announced a new plant-based protein option in collaboration with the nation’s #1 tofu brand, Nasoya® Foods USA. WaBa Grill’s marketplace acclaim also peaked in Q2, as the company was recognized as one of America’s topperforming restaurant chains. www.wabagrill.com/franchise