Beloved Colorado-Based Coffee Brand Delights Customers with the Beast Blender Menu Item Available Beginning October 26th

Ziggi’s Coffee, the innovative coffee franchise focused on providing a superior cup of coffee and service, is rolling out its new limited-time beverage: the Beast Blender. To celebrate the spooky season, the brand will be bringing back the offering, at all locations, from October 26th to October 31st, while supplies last.

The Twix-inspired blender, is made with chocolate, caramel, crushed Twix®, purple white chocolate and dark chocolate drizzle. The Beast Blender is the ultimate Halloween indulgence designed to excite customers of all ages. A sticker sheet is included with each Beast Blender purchase, allowing guests to directly place eyes and a mouth onto the drink lid to make their own beast! The complimentary sticker sheet allows for complete customization and creativity, giving one the freedom to create a beast anywhere – on water bottles, notebooks, or wherever inspiration strikes to spread Ziggi’s Halloween spirit! The LTO beverage is available in all cold sizes. It’s naturally caffeine-free, but for those seeking an extra kick, there is the option to add a burst of caffeine.

“This delicious and spooky creation not only tastes great but also captivates the eye – it’s absolutely photo-worthy,” said Dani Wanner, VP of Operations at Ziggi’s Coffee. “We’re excited to bring back the iconic Beast Blender, especially because this is the first year with a repeat fan-favorite flavor! The interactive sticker sheets make this Halloween treat a memorable experience for every customer who indulges.”

Since its founding in 2004, Ziggi’s Coffee has dedicated itself to delivering superior products and service in a unique and convenient way. The brand continues to innovate its menu, creating novelty beverages and food items each season to spark joy and satisfy customer demand. Today, Ziggi’s Coffee has grown to 75 drive-thru and coffee shop locations throughout the country, bringing a warm and welcoming place where communities can connect over familiar flavors and new favorites.

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