How Franchisee Terry Bishop has found success with Rachel’s Kitchen

Terry Bishop’s journey from a young waiter to a seasoned all-star franchise owner with Rachel’s Kitchen embodies the essence of dedication, passion and entrepreneurial spirit. His story intertwines seamlessly with the remarkable journey of Rachel’s Kitchen itself, a brand that has transformed the fresh casual landscape in Las Vegas with its commitment to fresh, high-quality food and exceptional customer service.

Rachel’s Kitchen traces its roots back to the culinary circles of Los Angeles, where founder Debbie Roxarzade made a name for herself with seven restaurant concepts. Debbie’s vision for Rachel’s Kitchen was born from a desire to offer delicious, reasonably-priced bistro fare with a gourmet touch. Named after her daughter, the first Rachel’s Kitchen café opened its doors in 2006 in Las Vegas, embodying Debbie’s ethos of serving quality products for everyone! 

Over the years, Rachel’s Kitchen has evolved from a single restaurant into eight unique locations across the Las Vegas Valley. Its strong customer following fueled the brand’s expansion, garnered through rave reviews and word-of-mouth acclaim. Today, Rachel’s Kitchen has become synonymous with fresh casual dining in Las Vegas.

Terry Bishop’s journey intersected with Rachel’s Kitchen at a pivotal moment. Terry’s extensive experience in the restaurant industry, from working at the service level, to years in management, to being an operator, combined with his entrepreneurial drive made him the perfect fit for the Rachel’s Kitchen’s franchise model. For Terry, becoming a franchisee was more than just a business venture; it was a culmination of years of hard work and dedication, offering him the autonomy he craved while benefiting from the support and resources of a reputable franchise.



In 2019, after being retired for six months, Terry decided that he wasn’t done with the restaurant business just yet – this is when Terry was introduced to Rachel’s Kitchen and the opportunity to open his own franchise. His dedication to fostering a positive work environment and investing in his team members has been central to his success as a franchise owner, resulting in low staff turnover rates and ensuring consistency and quality in service delivery. In July of 2021, Terry opened his second Rachel Kitchen’s location in Town Square, which he’s been operating ever since. Being flexible post-pandemic has allowed Terry to find unique niches for both of his locations; one tailored more for catering and one serving dine-in guests.

Moreover, Terry’s fervent belief in Rachel’s Kitchen’s commitment to offering high-quality products at unbeatable price points has been a driving force behind his success. His passion for the brand resonates with both his team members and customers, solidifying Rachel’s Kitchen as a beloved culinary destination in the community.

As Rachel’s Kitchen continues to expand its footprint beyond Las Vegas, Terry is excited about the brand’s growth and prospects. With recent expansions into Texas, including a new opening in Frisco and another signed franchise partner, Rachel’s Kitchen is poised to mirror its success in new markets while maintaining its core values of excellence, customer service, community involvement and sustainability.

As a Rachel’s Kitchen franchise owner, Terry knows he is positively impacting his community every day, and is proud to consistently serve wholesome food with fresh products. Franchising not only gave him access to exclusive trademarks, recipes and proprietary products, but also quality time and care from the Rachel’s Kitchen corporate leadership team. Franchising also provides Terry and his family the flexibility to spend more time traveling and being outdoors.  

Terry Bishop’s journey as a franchise owner with Rachel’s Kitchen showcases the brand’s evolution and growth. Together, they continue to grow to new heights in the restaurant industry, inspiring entrepreneurs and growing as a franchise system.