Rebecca and Andre Ogorzolka, a new franchisee couple with Caring Transitions in North Carolina, are a prime example of how franchising can be a great entry point into American citizenship.


When Rebecca and Andre Ogorzolka moved from Germany to the United States, their goal was more than a geographical shift — it was a dream to enrich their community while securing a prosperous future for their family.

Rebecca and Andre have been married since 2009 and are currently the parents of two school-age daughters. Back in Germany, the duo ran their own high-voltage installation

business. “It was always our plan to operate a second business abroad, and we wanted to move to the U.S. for education purposes for the kids,” said Rebecca.

The Ogorzolkas’ path took a pivotal turn when they were introduced to the world of franchising. “Franchising was a new terrain for us, and it opened our eyes to a realm of possibilities,” said Rebecca.

The couple were specifically drawn to the opportunity to apply for an E-2 Visa — an option that allows individuals from treaty countries to invest in U.S.-based businesses and a pathway tailor-made for aspiring franchisees.

From there, it was all about finding the right franchise. Enter Caring Transitions: the 300-unit concept that helps seniors and families organize personal property and manage the moving process during stressful life events, with the goal of assisting them in regaining control, personal time and peace of mind.

“We wanted our business abroad to be more than just a money-making venture — we wanted to make an impact and help people,” said Rebecca.

As a business model, Caring Transitions stood out for its versatility. Franchise owners offer

on-site and online liquidation/estate sales through the company’s proprietary platform, CTBIDS, relocation/re-settling services, declutter and downsizing services, and residential clean-out services.

“They offer such a variety of services — it’s not just about moving or downsizing,” said Rebecca. “We were also very interested in the online auction side. It really seemed like a natural fit.”



Caring Transitions aims to foster a truly diverse community of franchise owners — the brand’s network is a cultural mixing pot of different nationalities, races and age groups. A big part of that is due to the brand’s focus on helping entrepreneurs like the Ogorzolkas secure E-2 Visas.

“The investment requirements for the franchise aligned perfectly with our E-2 Visa application needs,” Rebecca said.

Moreover, the nationwide network of Caring Transitions provides a support system that can be invaluable for immigrants like the Ogorzolkas. “Having a territory neighbor right around the corner, we felt supported in establishing ourselves here,” said Rebecca. ”There are strong partners around us that can help us grow the business.”

Overall, the Ogorzolkas say the transition to the U.S. and the E-2 Visa application process has been a journey of patience and persistence.

“The Visa process isn’t something that you can do fast, you have to take your time,” Rebecca said. “From the start of the application until it was finished, it took almost half a year. But the Caring Transitions team was incredibly supportive every step of the way. Whenever we needed some documentation or support, they were always there for us. We couldn’t have wished for better.”

With their Visa secured for five years, the Ogorzolkas are now focused on growing their Caring Transitions business in Cary, North Carolina. Their long-term plan includes renewing their Visa and continuing their contribution to their community.

For those aspiring entrepreneurs abroad considering the E-2 Visa route, Rebecca’s advice is clear: “Take your time and be prepared. Engage with professionals and talk to other franchisees before making a decision. That’s what helped us choose Caring Transitions.”

Caring Transitions’ President, Ray Fabik, expressed his enthusiasm for welcoming the Ogorzolkas into the franchise family. “We are proud of the wide range of owners we have coming into our system,” he said. “We’ve had several franchisees from outside of the U.S. using Caring Transitions ownership for an E-2 Visa to establish a new life in this country. People like the Ogorzolkas, who are dedicated to making a difference in their communities, are what make Caring Transitions special.”


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