As the senior population rises and senior care providers aim to help clients age in place, business is booming for handyman and home maintenance franchises like TruBlue.


The phrase “home is where the heart is” has long resonated with us as a society. As the years pass, the desire to stay in the comfort of one’s own home only intensifies, especially among older adults. With today’s rapidly growing senior population, the concept of “aging in place” and “aging in place” services is increasingly becoming more prevalent. This shift in the senior population is creating a strong demand for home modification services as senior homes need to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of their aging occupants. This gap in the marketplace has created an exciting niche, which home maintenance and handyman franchises like TruBlue Home Service Ally have been able to fill with the help of entrepreneurs and senior care providers across the country.


Why Seniors Aging in Place is a Big Deal

We’ve all heard about the “silver tsunami” of Baby Boomers hitting retirement age, but today’s seniors are different from past generations in two important ways. First, 70 is the new 50, seniors are more active and seeking ways to improve their health and longevity like never before. In return, more and more seniors are planning to age in place, causing an increased demand in the need for help around the home and safety and accessibility modifications.

Second, as the senior population grows, the expense of senior and assisted living communities has grown along with it. According to the American Council on Aging, a private room in a nursing home can cost upwards of $100,000 a year, a figure that’s simply unattainable for many families. In contrast, aging at home presents a cost-effective alternative, especially as Medicare continues to move into the space.

As we approach 2030, the entire Baby Boomer generation will have crossed the age of 65, amplifying the demand for aging in place solutions. While this trend signifies a pressing need, it also highlights the opportunity and responsibility for businesses and franchises within the senior industry sector to step up.


The Challenge and Opportunity of Aging in Place

One primary reason why aging in place becomes untenable for many is the unsuitability of the home environment — the how of aging in place. Whether it’s due to a lack of safety features or the aftermath of a fall leading to hospitalization, the home setting can quickly turn from a haven to a hazard. As a result, the senior in-home care industry has been in a continuous pursuit of organizations to help with senior safety and accessibility home modifications to extend the period seniors can safely and comfortably live in their homes.

The home environment, when maintained well and adapted to the needs of seniors, is fundamental to successful aging in place. Wider entrances, walk-in showers, grab bars and even adjusted thermostat controls, for example, can become essential features of an age-friendly home. Additionally, while the demand for home modifications is evident among seniors, there’s an expanding demographic looking for such “in-home healing” services, particularly after major medical procedures that require a safe, adaptive environment for recovery at home.

This is where companies like TruBlue fit into the puzzle. Recognizing the cost-effectiveness of aging in place compared to assisted living facilities, TruBlue’s trained professionals and certified Senior Home Safety Specialists address home modifications, repairs and regular maintenance with a keen understanding of the unique requirements of seniors.

The comprehensive home assessments TruBlue provides allow it to pinpoint areas that need attention, from installing ramps to adjusting lighting. TruBlue’s subscription services allows seniors to ensure that their home maintenance is taken care of, whether it be mulching, picking up brush, touching up paint, putting batteries in smoke directors, fixing a sink or otherwise. It’s this holistic approach that not only ensures homes are safe for seniors but also offers peace of mind to their families and caregivers.


The Future of a Franchise in the Senior Industry

Overall, the senior care industry has done a tremendous job at creating awareness around the concept of aging in place. As more and more people are reaping the benefits of medical advancements ensuring longer lifespans, the drive for in-home healing and aging in place is mounting. These shifts present enormous potential for entrepreneurs in the senior care and home service sector. As this sector continues to grow rapidly, businesses have the opportunity to make a genuine difference in people’s lives.

Moreover, the increasing number of senior care franchisees integrating services like TruBlue to augment their offerings highlights the synergy between senior care and senior home modifications. TruBlue was created to complement the senior care industry. By being able to provide home assessments and modification solutions, it ensures senior care operators, whether they are in-home health, medical care, transportation or anything else, can add another value to their business. This is also part of the reason why TruBlue continues to see new national partnerships with existing senior care companies across the country. It’s this type of collaboration that promises a comprehensive solution to the challenges seniors face today, as well as multi-brand opportunities for franchisees looking to start a meaningful business.

And while most senior care concepts require medical accreditation or training, a service like TruBlue is completely non-medical and non-care, saving the franchise owner money, time and energy. Thanks to its subscription-based service, TruBlue franchise owners can also tap into recurring demand with low startup costs and a simplified operational model, which requires no brick-and-mortar location.

In conclusion, as our society grapples with the complexities of an aging population, it’s imperative for businesses, families and communities to come together. The goal is clear: ensuring that seniors thrive in the comfort of their own homes. With allies like TruBlue, the journey becomes a little easier, brighter and filled with hope.