Altitude Trampoline Park, the premiere indoor family entertainment brand dedicated to active family fun, has recently been showcased by the award-winning workplace learning platform, Schoox. With close to 100 parks and more than 2,000 team members across the globe, Altitude was growing rapidly and in a prime position to offer a more holistic approach to training and development. 



Making training mobile and much more interactive than in years past has helped Altitude retain and reward its employee base. Increased video content, quizzes, and reporting make the training portal actionable for leadership and effective for franchisees looking to keep top-tier talent. It’s said that hiring costs can be up to 30 percent of an employee’s expected total salary. That is significantly more than investing in an effective training program for employees; making this a priority was a no-brainer for the team at Altitude.

“We are delighted to be featured by Schoox as a client success story! They service thousands of clients, so it is truly an honor to have been selected for this showcase,” said Amy Phillips, President and CMO for Altitude Trampoline Park. “Our Learning & Development team saw the need to revamp our learning experiences, meeting franchisees where they are and speak to the needs of our younger team members in a mobile- friendly way. The Schoox app helped our team design solutions that fit our unique work environment and now our employees can access everything they need through devices they already know how to use.”

The Learning Management Solutions (LMS) provided by Schoox is accessible via mobile and offers Altitude a native mobile app that is also powerful enough to replace desktop learning for most employees. This provides general managers, who typically lead training at each location, easy access to reporting and data while on the go.

Like their guests, employees at Altitude spend a lot of time on their feet. Schoox is one of the only learning platforms to offer a feature-rich mobile app at no additional cost. Additionally, Altitude employees and general managers have access to nearly all of the program capabilities through any iOS or Android device including tablets. 

“The Schoox app allows us to deliver learning tools consistently across all parks and links training activity with the KPIs that matter most, so we can demonstrate the impact of learning across the enterprise,” said Gina Elliott, Senior Director of Learning & Development at Altitude Trampoline Park. “We’re seeing our franchisees opt into using Schoox voluntarily, which is more exciting to us than having to mandate it because it means they see the value of the platform, the training resources available, and learning as a whole.”

Schoox makes it easy to track on-the-job training activity along with any associated online coursework, allowing Altitude to create holistic learning paths that are customized to each role. Report Builder in Schoox provides Altitude the freedom to create custom reports that analyze the metrics that make a difference, including changes in employee skill levels, progress toward organizational goals, and overall impact on business operations by individual park or across the whole enterprise. The in-depth reporting Schoox offers allows the Altitude team to determine where knowledge gaps exist and how to better address operational challenges and develop appropriate solutions through these and other Schoox tools.

With recreation centers like Altitude including a lot of physical activity, workplace safety is a major priority for the entertainment brand. With Schoox, Altitude can confirm training has been offered to each employee, knowledge transfers were validated through assessments, and signatures were collected to confirm acknowledgment of park procedures, safety protocols, and other risk considerations specified by each park, overall ensuring all employees are equipped with the safety and compliance information they need.

The business impact features in Schoox dive even deeper into the data available within Schoox by connecting learning activity to specific KPIs that are most important to Altitude. For example, the number of training completions across a park may be tied to workplace safety to measure if training reduces the number of incidents.

“By introducing these new learning solutions to our system, we can further support our franchise partners on their path to growth, while continuing to uphold our high standards for quality service and safety,” added Elliott. “Now that we’ve built out our metrics, we’ll be able to see how training is translating into membership sales, guest satisfaction, and incident reduction.”

Altitude’s franchise owners have reported noticeable improvements in employee engagement, turnover rates, and customer satisfaction since implementing Schoox. Looking forward, the Altitude team plans to continue utilizing Schoox to move toward the goal of increasing memberships and ultimately driving greater revenue at each park. As Altitude continues to open more locations both within the U.S. and internationally, the brand will continue expanding and strengthening its learning and development offerings in efforts to standardize training, reduce risk, and drive more revenue.

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