Home Franchise Concepts, one of the largest direct-to-consumer franchise companies in North America, is providing opportunities for franchisees to find success with a flexible business model. Within its family of brands, which includes Budget Blinds®, The Tailored Closet™, PremierGarage®, Concrete Craft®, AdvantaClean®, Lightspeed Restoration™, Kitchen Tune-Up®, Bath Tune-Up®, Two Maids® and Aussie Pet Mobile®, each provides a unique home service solution tailored to the needs of individual customers, as well as franchisees.

With the number of Americans working mostly from home tripling from 2018 to 2021, flexibility has become an important aspect of franchising post-pandemic. The Home Franchise Concepts brands pride themselves on innovation, driving growth organically. Each brand is designed around running a business with a personalized approach, allowing franchisees to meet the needs of their customer in the most effective and practical manner. Franchise owner success is always at the heart of Home Franchise Concepts, so all energies and resources are dedicated to furthering the commitment that people from all walks of life deserve the opportunity to reach financial independence through business ownership.

For Julia Krauss, Aussie Pet Mobile® franchisee, having a parent company that prioritizes a strong, passionate, and understanding franchise system is what convinced her to pursue her dreams of operating a business. Krauss started her career in sales and marketing, but consistently felt compelled to build something of her own and serve the community. With the support of her family, she sought to fulfill these passions through business ownership. 

Though she was willing to take a chance on a new career, Krauss knew she would need help from a team and an opportunity that was adaptable to her personal needs. Home Franchise Concepts brands consistently rank among the top franchises in the industry, which is a testament to the strength of the Home Franchise Concepts business model, as well as the world-class support assigned to the franchisees. Aussie Pet Mobile® was a perfect fit for Krauss as it filled a gap in the market and sparked her interest. Today, as a franchisee, she takes advantage of the flexible schedule provided by Home Franchise Concepts, starting each day in her home office with a cup of coffee and ending with discussing the day’s activities alongside her family at the dinner table. 

“Every day is unique as an Aussie Pet Mobile franchise owner. That’s one of the many benefits of being a business owner. I’m not locked into a traditional nine-to-five workday,” says Krauss. “I’m able to weave the demands of running a successful business into my active life. I can meet a friend for lunch, visit my doctor, and enjoy a long beach weekend with my husband – without asking a manager for permission,” says Krauss.  

In this way, Krauss did not have to sacrifice any aspects of her life to become a business owner. Rather being a franchisee allowed her entrepreneurial spirit and personal commitments to coexist in order to form a healthy work-life balance. Therefore, making the transition into franchisee smooth and stress-free, due to Home Franchise Concepts’ accommodating process. She was able to take on a new career path without assuming large amounts of risk and time consumption that an individually owned business could endure. 

In addition to the flexible daily schedule, Home Franchise Concepts provided Krauss the ability to become her own boss on her timeline. Through following Aussie Pet Mobile’s business model, Krauss was provided with the unique ability to begin the business with just a vehicle rather than a brick-and-mortar store; which makes becoming a franchisee a more affordable investment. Alongside an energetic and supportive team, Krauss has grown her business to an office space 10 minutes from her home with multiple vehicles and employees. She chooses to go into the office each day to experience the comradery of the team.

“I have a picture on my desk of me in front of my fleet of six grooming vans. It reminds me of what I’ve been able to create – jobs, happy two and four-legged clients, and a lifestyle that allows me to enjoy it all on my terms,” says Krauss.   

Krauss is an empowering example of the adaptable opportunities that Home Franchise Concepts brings to individuals with the drive to embrace their passions and serve the community. It is in this way that Home Franchise Concepts offers stability, leadership, and business opportunities that can’t be equaled with any other franchisor — helping people go into business for themselves, but not by themselves. For anyone with dreams of owning their own business, there are innovative, accommodating, and unique growth opportunities within the Home Franchise Concepts brands; which allow for flexible schedules as your own boss, and access to a large team of support and an even larger network of franchise owners. In a world where needs are constantly changing, Home Franchise Concepts remains a supporter of personal and professional freedom.