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Brand Expectations: What It Takes to Become a Part of RNR Tire Express


Franchising offers an abundance of opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. From reaping the benefits of joining an already established national brand to the obvious potential financial gains available, the decision to join a franchise seems simple, but the vetting process can vary by company.



Although the typical vetting process to join a franchise can be lengthy and potentially misunderstood, each brand focuses on what is most important to them in new franchisees. Too few realize the vetting process can and should include other considerations aside from just the financial analysis.

RNR Tire Express is a leader in the nation’s tire and wheel retail space, having grown to encompass over 160 locations in 26 states – and growing fast. With over 20 years of experience, RNR Tire Express has the proof of concept, profitability, scalability, and sustainability smart franchise investors look for. That level of success came as a result of the verifiable system that the company has instituted that puts each and every applicant through a unique vetting process to ensure they are a proper fit for the RNR family.

“That vetting process focuses on culture. It consists of examining a variety of unique personal qualities and characteristics that are core to the operation of any RNR location and that the corporate team hopes to see in franchise prospects interested in joining the brands’ nationwide system of franchisees. These vital extra measures are responsible for ensuring that the RNR Tire Express network of franchise locations are uniformly recognized as running a customer-focused approach to business, aimed at serving local communities.” 

Community-Oriented Approach to Business

RNR Tire Express was created for the benefit of communities throughout the country. More specifically, for segments of the general population that had gone largely underserved by the tire and wheel industry for far too long. Their unique lease-purchase model directly serves a vast consumer niche who may not have the credit or cash available to purchase tires. It’s this model that RNR adopted from its very inception that began to change that narrative – introducing the market to a truly customer-oriented brand. 

The RNR team looks for franchisees who possess a similar innate desire to give back to the community in their own right, under the RNR Tire Express name. Individuals who will play an active role in their town’s/city’s Business Chamber, in local nonprofit organizations, as a donor to various public functions, as an active voice alongside and for fellow residents, and other such endeavors. In the eyes of the franchise team, these types of individuals truly embody what it means to be a team player, a pillar of society, and an RNR franchisee. 

A People-First Mentality

One of the most significant traits that the RNR team looks for in its potential franchisees is a people-first mentality. This, of course, applies to interactions with in-store customers and the surrounding public. However, of equal importance in meeting their standard is how a franchisee can be expected to interact with his/her own team.

Examining franchise prospects through this particular lens requires the brand’s franchise development team to feel confident that those prospects will treat every member of their team fairly and respectfully. What’s more, it requires that they feel confident a franchisee will provide the highest quality of life for all those working with them, financially and professionally.

As the saying goes, kindness starts at home, and franchisees must lead by example. They must be committed to the mission within all aspects of their business in order to build a positive reputation in their local communities.

A Reflection of the Brands Founding Ethos

Aside from serving local communities, RNR Tire Express was founded as a means to change the tire and wheel industry as a whole; to better it, even. That founding intent is seen in the brand’s unique lease-purchase model, but beyond that, it’s witnessed by the millions of men and women who step foot in their local RNR over the course of any given year. For them, the RNR difference is evident by the treatment they receive while there, a style of treatment best embodied by the company’s purpose, “to serve customers, not just provide them service.”

Every franchise partner is encouraged to convey that purpose throughout the course of their daily operations, not simply as a means of appeasing a corporate body, but because they too believe there’s no better way to do business than to impart a lasting, unparalleled impression on every single customer that walks through their doors. 

Prospective franchisees should be committed to putting in the work and going the extra mile for the customer, whether that be servicing them in-store, navigating a payment option that fits their individual budget, or traveling into the countryside after-hours to repair a flat tire for a person in need. It’s these small gestures that can make a huge impact on a customer’s life and ultimately change them for the better.


For RNR Tire Express, these vetting measures, in conjunction with a variety of other standards, have proven essential in ensuring the company aligns itself with the proper franchise partners. Their consistent usage has allowed the company to remain in line with the growth metrics they’ve outlined for themselves, while staying true to the principles that the company was founded upon. And for all of it, for any brand, it begins with aligning one’s self with the right people and the right systems to find and attract them.