A culture of inclusion and support is an essential part of any brand or organization. A strong company culture like CertaPro Painters’ sets the tone and expectations of how people work together toward the shared goals of the organization. It helps break down siloed teams, provides a comradery that fuels shared success and helps with decision making and overall work efficiencies. But fostering an inclusive culture takes work and many companies fall short in providing the right support and guidance to its employees which results in low morale, frustration, and diminishing results.


I’m proud to be part of CertaPro Painters. We are dedicated to the practice of cultivating a positive culture for everyone. Through our commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive environment, CertaPro Painters has not only become a trusted name in the painting industry, but also a shining representation of the transformative power of a well-developed corporate culture.


Defining a Strong Corporate Culture


Corporate culture encompasses the values, beliefs, and behaviors that define an organization’s identity. It sets the tone for how employees and franchisees interact with one another, their customers, and the communities we serve. A strong corporate culture serves as a guiding force, aligning all organizational members towards a common purpose and creating a sense of belonging.


Of course, every company has its own, unique culture. There are bureaucratic franchisor models that provide franchisees with less authority and little-to-no decision-making abilities, denying their suggestions or feedback. This results in low engagement, morale, and productivity. On the other hand, companies that work to empower their team members and provide constant support see their franchisees thrive. These collaborative and supportive work environments tend to attract more skilled and dedicated franchisees.


How CertaPro Painters Fosters a Quality Culture


At CertaPro Painters, our culture is deeply rooted in our core values of delivering on what we promise, having pride in what we do, respecting every individual we work with, practicing continuous improvement and embracing the possibilities of our brand. These elements are the DNA of CertaPro, and this foundation empowers our franchisees and employees to go above and beyond in their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality work.


We work to set ourselves apart from other service-based brands, constantly evolving and implementing improvements, both to boost the customer service experience and to help our franchisees learn and grow as business owners. No matter what, we ensure our team members and clients feel valued and respected through every step of the process. 


Our corporate team is committed to serving each franchised location, and we invest in our team’s professional development through ongoing coaching and comprehensive training on topics ranging from sales and production to leadership development and organizational health. By providing opportunities for growth and skill enhancement, CertaPro Painters not only creates a positive work environment, but also ensures that our team members are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional service. 

Through a robust support system, CertaPro Painters ensures that franchisees receive the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to flourish in their business endeavors. In addition to our regular trainings, each CertaPro franchisee can have one-on-one coaching and support. With 80 corporate staff members and 370 franchisees, there are approximately five franchisees to one corporate member. In an industry where the standard for corporate support is 12 franchisees to one corporate member, CertaPro’s franchisee support system is hard to match.


A Culture that Goes Above and Beyond


As an outcome of CertaPro Painters’ quality culture and in-depth franchisee support, the company has ranked as one of North America’s #1 painting franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine 25 years in a row. We have been deemed a Recession-Proof legacy brand by Franchise Business Review, and after 31 years in business, our 350+ locations across North America continue to thrive.


We’ve learned that when franchisees feel valued and supported, they are more likely to take pride in their work and go the extra mile to provide quality services. At CertaPro Painters, we recognize this correlation between franchisee satisfaction and business success, and we prioritize the well-being of our team to ensure their continued dedication. The results of this are confident, high-performing franchisees who love what they do. Further, our support network, including our marketing support and training programs, enables franchisees to run their businesses efficiently and effectively. This empowerment once again fosters a strong sense of ownership and motivation, resulting in franchisees who are passionate about delivering exceptional painting services.

The Foundation to a Lasting Legacy 


Corporate culture is not just a buzzword; it is a driving force behind the success of organizations. By prioritizing franchisee satisfaction and empowerment, CertaPro Painters has positioned itself as a leader in the painting industry. This has also led to dedicated franchisees, satisfied employees, and loyal customers. As we continue to grow, we are committed to maintaining our quality values and finding those who align with our principles and help drive our strong culture, creating a workplace of choice and leaving a legacy in which we can all be proud of.