They say if you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life. 

That statement holds true for Jackie Mendes, Vice President of Franchise Development for Perspire Sauna Studio, who took her personal wellness journey and turned it into a successful career. 

When she was a teenager, she took a prescription medication that led to a life-threatening allergic reaction. It took several months for Mendes to fully recover from skin welts, hair loss and depression. While traumatic, this event ultimately led her to a life-long pursuit of alternative therapies and a career focused on helping others live a healthy and empowered life. 

The realization that we have one precious body – one chance – to live this life, left her inspired to help others make healthy choices so they can achieve their goals and dreams. 

Now, Mendes has spent the entirety of her professional career focused on the health and wellbeing of others. From public relations and content creation to marketing and sales, Mendes continuously exhibits the qualities of a true trailblazer in the health and wellness industry, and business in general, with 20+ years of experience, ensuring the public has equal access to the brands and services capable of helping them become their best selves. 

It’s what drove her to help develop and expand the national, and even global presence of concepts like World Gym and F45. 

When the pandemic hit, she remembers thinking about the value that it would have for the wellness industry for years to come. She was so oddly excited at the opportunity – with every crisis comes an opportunity, she believed it would wake more people up to prioritizing health, sleep, wellness, family, etc. – that the pandemic offered. 

She believed more people needed to be woken up to the feeling to be empowered for their own lives and their communities.

Her most recent career decision left more than a few people scratching their heads. F45 had seen explosive growth from a franchise sales perspective, so anyone in their right mind wouldn’t possibly be looking for a new challenge. 

Except she wanted to assist another rocket ship launch where she could have an impact on the growth of a company that’s just as impactful and necessary to the wellness community.

After working with some of franchising’s most recognizable fitness concepts, Jackie left to become the new Vice President of Franchise Development for Perspire Sauna Studio; an emerging health franchise with 44 locations nationwide and an additional 20 locations in development. Jackie’s role requires her to increase global unit growth through systems development, direct hand and selling, franchise vetting, and ensuring the success of their existing franchise community.

And according to Mendes, her reasoning for accepting the new position was simple, stating “Perspire is poised for an incredible level of growth, and offers me the chance to play a part in building a brand that is just beginning to take off.” 

Since day one, Perspire Sauna Studio has been committed to elevating the wellness of its guests by offering an experience that is personalized to each individual. Its first-of-its-kind infrared lighting systems enhance the user experience and create a high-quality environment where guests can unwind, relax, and achieve their wellness goals. The brand’s advanced sauna technology, along with its medical-grade and high-intensity red light therapy bar, are what set them apart in the industry. The experience has demonstrated the ability to improve sleep, boost immunity, burn calories, reduce inflammation, and simply offer a space for people to allow their minds and bodies to feel better.

Mendes claims Perspire will sell 100 locations in 2023 alone. But how?

Aside from the fact that Mendes is using her one-of-a-kind skillset to turn an emerging, niche brand into one of franchising’s most promising and fastest-growing franchise brands, the answer is simple – the brand’s easy-to-operate business model.

Mendes has used Perspire Sauna Studio’s business model as a high selling point to potential franchisees, as the model was intentionally crafted to be simple and labor light. The model highlights a minimal initial investment cost, very little labor with no special licensing, skills or training required, and a recurring revenue stream obtained through monthly memberships. 

Aside from the business model, Mendes uses strategies such as comprehensive market research, established franchisee support system, effective lead generation, fostering relationships, leveraging franchise expos, Perspire’s innovative infrared sauna technology, and much more. 

For two decades, she’s employed these same strategies across several brands and they’ve all been proven for success. Coupled with her business expertise and drive to help people live healthier and longer lives started from a scary and life-threatening moment for her.

And, although her scenario is unique to her, she still stresses the importance of adaptation and analysis. For anyone looking to succeed in business growth, constantly analyzing your sales strategies, conversion rates, and feedback from franchisees to identify areas of improvement will help you overcome any obstacles.

If you trust the data and the feedback from your people, the sales will come.