Choosing a Digital-Based B2B Business in the New Year


Looking at the year ahead, your mind is probably bursting with ideas for how to make it count. How to reach that goal you’ve been striving for. How to finally take the next step in your plan. If you’re anything like the millions of entrepreneurs who launched new businesses in 2022, then you may even be considering opening your own business. Choosing the path of franchise ownership comes with many inherent perks. The business should have a validated model in place, branding established, and the details of daily operations ironed out.



Within the franchise marketplace there are many businesses to choose from. B2B concepts are an excellent option when researching investments. Choosing a digital-based B2B concept is even better thanks to the wide scope of applicability, lower overhead, and scalability. 



These businesses can offer vital services that cover a large scope. Rhino Web Services is a great example of a concept that has many services offered under one roof. Web design, SEO, e-commerce solutions, and video production are all part of their suite of services. Business owners want to keep things as simple as possible and having all of their services from a single, trusted provider is ideal. Franchisees can trust higher returns per lead when they have many applicable services to offer their clients. 


Resistant to Economic Downs

Not all businesses will slow or shut down at once, ever. We saw this in 2020 while some sectors thrived and others shuttered. B2B franchises take advantage of this by being the resource needed for these recession-proof businesses to keep their wheels turning. Digital marketing, accounting, payroll, web development…the list goes on and on. 


Higher Returns per Lead

We touched on the idea of long-lasting relationships a moment ago — let’s expound on that idea. As a business takes the time to find you, they will want to use you as their one-stop-shop whenever possible. Why spend staff time finding several companies to serve their needs when one will do? Once you have landed a client, most likely they will return again and again, saving you money and time as well. The Office Squad is a franchise that offers bookkeeping and accounting, COO assistance, QuickBooks support, and virtual assistant services, all of which are sensitive areas for any business. Intentionally building a relationship with a company, especially one built for longevity, will quite literally give you decades of business from an individual lead.



Wider Target Market

There are around 31 million small businesses in the US. Every one of these are potential clientele. Employees must get paid, books must be balanced, and marketing must be conducted. As a business grows and the need arises for help, businesses very well may search outside their immediate locale for help. The scope is huge. Another value to B2B franchises is that they can cater to various industries, especially with digital services.  


Grow as You Can

All of the businesses we’ve mentioned here have one thing in common: they are remote-friendly, mostly digital, with lower overhead than one that supplies a tangible item. These types of concepts have fantastic scalability. Finding remote-friendly staff means your pool to fish in is as wide as the world. When you find the mental and financial capacity to expand, go for it. Haute-In Network Agencies is a PR and marketing firm based out of Texas that offers a franchise opportunity in an industry expected to grow to $915 billion by 2026. This unique business harnesses local draw by adding in the city name for each territory, but has the common branding throughout all agencies. It’s just one example of the franchises out there that are scalable and incredibly simple to grow.


Franchise Marketing Systems has worked with hundreds of clients across all industries. We are a B2B business and can vouch for the incredible opportunity out there for business services. If you are interested in more information on any of the aforementioned brands or would like to learn more about growing your business through franchising, give us a call at 800.610.0292 or visit our website at for more information.