The franchising industry has seen steady growth over the last few decades, expanding their reach globally with new and emerging brands across a variety of different sectors that provide opportunities for every type of entrepreneur to become their own boss. From home improvement and painting to pet waste removal services and restoration companies to mobile grooming and more, franchising is evolving. In fact, with 792,000 franchise units in operation across the United States as of December 2022, franchising is showing no sign of a slow-down. Additionally, since the start of 2023, franchise owners have continued to navigate high inflation, labor shortages and supply chain issues – often times better than other small business owners, thanks to the backing of their franchisors and support teams.


Some franchise concepts afford entrepreneurial-minded hopefuls a chance to strike out in new verticals and embark on new challenges while creating viable revenue streams and seeing success in their own communities. Franchise umbrella concepts like Authority Brands help entrepreneurs from all backgrounds open and grow their own business and kick open the door to a brand new industry. Color World Painting is one such example, as the business model was set up in a way that provides the perfect franchise opportunity for someone who has never even picked up a paint brush but has a passion for helping people take their home’s curb appeal to the next level with a fresh coat of paint. 


As Joel Mesa started thinking about retiring after being an active-duty member in the U.S. Army for more than 20 years, he and his wife Lolanie started their franchise with little painting experience and since, have successfully established Color World Painting as the go-to company in Columbia, South Carolina. After a grueling but rewarding career in the Army, Joel began optioning different business ventures that could allow him a flexible schedule to be with his family while creating multiple streams of revenue. Attracted to Color World Painting’s values of excellence in customer service, passion for projects, and a connection to community, Joel and his wife opened the door to Color World Painting of Columbia this year.

Joel believes that taking the entrepreneurial route, specifically within franchising, is a perfect fit veterans as they are well-equipped to handle responsibility, ranging from equipment accountability to tasks that affect the overall mission, and are formed with leadership in mind. Since veterans are forged in an environment where the concepts of teamwork, leadership, adaptability, and problem solving are integral, veterans like Joel Mesa have the skills and experience to handle even the toughest of franchising challenges, making them great candidates to run their own businesses.


With the housing market always in a cycle of fluctuation and homeowners looking to increase the curb appeal of their homes, the demand for Color World Painting’s services has grown exponentially, making it an appealing option for entrepreneurs. Along with their team of professional painters, the couple utilizes industry-leading products and protocol with a dedication to customer satisfaction in every home or commercial property they transform. The Mesas continually measure their success in comparison to where the franchise was yesterday and are always evolving as entrepreneurs to find increased success within their Color World Painting location. 


The Columbia twosome know the power of forming community bonds on a local level, utilizing and supporting small, locally owned businesses whenever possible. As a result of their franchise ownership, the Mesas have even been able to give back to their community through United Way holiday sponsorships for families, food, and clothing donations to local organizations, and supporting non-profit organizations. This is something that is incredibly important to the couple as they believe the more hope a community has, the more prosperous and safer it will be. Passionate about giving back to veterans specifically, Joel and Lolanie have had the opportunity to participate in the Combined Federal Campaigns and Army Emergency Relief to assist various charities and servicemembers in need of assistance.  


For over 20 years, Color World Painting customers have been relying on teams across the country for their home improvement projects. Since many of the franchise’s services can be added on to one another, customers have the ability to streamline the home improvement project process and franchise owners can open up new revenue streams as they expand offerings in their own communities. Through their Columbia, South Carolina-based venture, Joel and Lolanie’s team offers their neighbors and community services including: 


  •  Residential Painting: Color World Painting of Columbia delivers reliable services including interior and exterior home painting, deck painting, fence painting, power washing, and add-on services including dry wall repair, carpentry, and fence or deck staining. 
  • Commercial Painting: Able to completely transform any property with the swipe of a brush, Color World Painting franchise teams across the country have expanded since their beginnings to offer commercial services to properties including warehouses, hotels, retail businesses, office buildings, and more.  
  • Holiday Light Set Up: A unique and viable offering, the Color World Painting of Columbia team offers customizable holiday light services to commercial properties, residential customers, and Homeowners Associations to create festive holiday magic without the burden of untangling all those lights. 
  • Gutter Installment: Recognizing that homes are more than their exterior, the Color World Painting concept offers additional services like gutter installation to protect homes from water damage while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any residential property. The Mesas’ team helps guide customers to choose the best options for their specific needs and property. 

The future of franchising is bright, and as the traditional mindset of employment continues to shift across the country, franchise options like Color World Painting will continue to see entrepreneurs from all walks of life embark on new journeys where they can be the one in charge. With a franchise concept for almost every type of franchise owner, home service franchise concepts like Authority Brands are expanding their portfolio and ultimately enabling more success and service driven individuals like Joel and Lolanie Mesa to own businesses and create legacies within their communities.