A staggering 10,000 people are turning 65 on a daily basis, a trend poised to continue until 2030 and beyond. This means that millions of families are going to face the difficult and emotional decision of finding the right care solution for their aging loved ones. 

At Best Life Brands– a holding company that includes ComForCare and At Your Side, premier franchised providers of home care; CarePatrol, the nation’s largest franchised senior care solutions organization; Blue Moon Estate Sales, the leading estate sale franchise in the U.S., and Boost Home Healthcare, dedicated to providing superior in-home nursing, therapy, and home care services– we are committed to meeting this demand by continuing to grow each of the brands in our portfolio. Because we know the need for our solutions is great, and we know our solutions will help, we are urgent about finding ways to help more people open our brands in their local markets, so we can help more and more families.

Working in the senior care industry can be incredibly fulfilling with the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of seniors and help them to maintain their independence and dignity. However the work can be incredibly challenging too, so here are few considerations when deciding if owning a senior care franchise is for you.

Passion for Making a Difference

The senior care industry is not just a business; it is a community of people dedicated to providing care and support to our most vulnerable population and ensuring they are treated with dignity and respect. This is an important responsibility, and one we do not take lightly across our network of franchisees. Those who work in the senior care industry have the chance to develop intimate relationships with seniors and their families, providing emotional support, companionship and solutions. Being part of this industry is an opportunity to do meaningful work and make a real difference in people’s lives, and should be the guiding force behind a decision to buy a senior care franchise.

Tamara Franks knew she wanted to be in a business that made a difference. She chose ComForCare (operating as At Your Side Home Care in Houston) because of the ability to make a lasting impact on the lives of seniors and their families.

“This business makes you realize that everyone is special,” she says. “It’s extremely rewarding to own a business that is capable of meeting such an incredible need and to be part of a brand that recognizes that everyone is valuable. You have the full support behind you every step of the way.”

Continual Training and Support

Most senior care franchises offer training and support to franchisees, but it’s important to understand how comprehensive this is not just when starting the business, but ongoing through the business lifespan. Each of our brands offers a proven business model, exceptional resources and continual help with financing, operations, marketing, technology and HR. We also have innovative programs that set us apart from the rest of the industry, like DementiaWise®, a program that engages and enhances the lives of people with various forms of dementia, helping them to remain independent for as long as possible while providing support and education for the family. And with labor shortages a prevalent issue, ComForCare offers an extensive program that helps to hire and retain trusted caregivers.

Additionally, our marketing team continues to provide game-changing resources for our franchisees including a one of a kind educational podcast for seniors, family members and anyone helping the senior adult to better navigate and handle the challenges of aging, as well as launching franchisee marketing tool kits to assist with referrals.

This ongoing support becomes crucial to ensuring a healthy and profitable business.

Franchisee satisfaction across the system

In the early stages of a franchising journey, peers are the best resources. Before beginning the franchise application and disclosure process, ask for a list of current franchisees to speak with. Personal conversations with people who have gone through the process before can provide valuable insight about their success, fulfillment and strategies.

Ask these owners what they love about their business, what challenges they face and whether they would make the same decision over again.

“One of my most important goals when I started CarePatrol is I wanted to find a way to be connected with my community. But, I also had financial goals and I’ve more than surpassed that goal,” says Michelle Graf, CarePatrol owner of Green Bay, WI. “It’s been amazing and I’ve been able to do that without sacrificing my personal life. I have time for my family and children.”

If a franchisor is uncomfortable connecting prospects with current franchisees, that’s a red flag.

As the baby boomer generation continues to age, the senior care industry will only accelerate, and owning a franchise in this space can provide a meaningful career as well as an excellent investment opportunity. At Best Life Brands, our mission is to help our franchisees and the clients in their communities live their best lives. For more information about franchise opportunities visit www.bestlifebrands.com/franchise-opportunities.

By: Jennifer LoBianco, Chief Marketing Officer at Best Life Brands